Website Analytics Services

Deep, actionable insight into your business

Website analytics are a powerful tool when it comes to identifying and understanding your audience. The correct set-up, management, and reporting can interpret customer behaviour, inform strategies and drive growth.

Greater Understanding Inspires Smarter Decisions

In the right hands, website analytics allow you to track, monitor, and understand both your users and your website.

You can discover who your customers really are, their location, preferred browsing devices, and how they treat your site after landing. In turn, you can discern whether your intended customer journey is working, which pages are proving most useful, and see precisely where improvements in your site need to be made to enhance the user journey and experience.

Finding the insights of most value to an enterprise takes genuine expertise. The likes of Google Analytics are full of thousands of snippets of useful information, and it’s all too easy to get lost in a sea of statistics. It’s in discerning the most useful insights that can inform strategic decisions and give a business a solid foundation of data from which to work from. That’s where our own analysts excel.

Realise Your Goals

Like any other wing of our digital marketing tactics, our website analytics services are geared towards helping your enterprise reach its goals.

Our team of analysts can help you define the most relevant statistical areas to track, gather the results, and evaluate
the data.

We can set-up and track the right goals in Analytics, helping you make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve your conversion rate and overall online performance. Harnessing the power of our website analytics services will allow you to track the progress of digital marketing campaigns in real time, and learn from every interaction a user has with your website.

ROAR is the Answer

ROAR’s website analytics services are tailor-made, specific to your business interests, and geared towards growth. We’re a data-driven agency and highly-skilled in both organic and paid search. Our specialists have experience in multiple industries and understand the precise data-points and tracking needed to inform strategies, and translate the figures into plain English.

A deep awareness of website analytics can inform the whole of your digital marketing efforts, identifying the data that matters, and allowing your business to make future decisions with the utmost confidence. Contact us today and get ready to experience a different level of digital marketing know-how.

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