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Tritility is a business energy consultancy. We help businesses throughout the UK to take control of their utilities, saving money, saving time and cutting carbon.

We’re experts in your three main utilities – business electricity, business gas and business water (hence the Tri in our name).

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ROAR provides a detailed plan of action and a breakdown of its methodology. Their SEO Bomb suggests topics, sub-topics and guidelines on writing style and structure. This is far more than anything I’ve received working with other agencies. Their reporting is also fantastic. – Sarah Donnelly, Marketing Manager, Tritility

256% increase in conversions for tritility produced by roar digital marketing

Utilities | Tritility


Tritility work within the energy consultancy market which is an industry that is no stranger to change and regular fluctuation. Tritility came to ROAR searching for a digital marketing agency that could curate an intelligent content strategy and increase its web traffic.

Their objectives were to improve the lead volume and quality through cleverly written paid search ads and industry-authoritative content. They were seeking an agency to drive high intent, valuable traffic through Content Creation and Paid Search.


In order to support Tritility, ROAR utilised our unique and trademarked SEO Bomb® combined with extensive keyword research to create intricate topic clusters. These topic clusters lead to the creation of highly industry-focused blogging content clusters. ROAR also supported Tritility in creating comprehensive ad copy designed to drive quality ‘in-market’ paid traffic to their website.


With support from ROAR, Tritility has seen exceptional results within an industry that is highly competitive and unpredictable, including a significant rise in conversions.

Tritility now has a powerful PPC presence online supported by a powerful content strategy to drive critical organic traffic.

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256 increase in conversions.

Percent Visual


51.69% rise in CTR (click-through rate).

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