SEO Services

Performance-driven organic search that grows and evolves with the times

Increase your online presence with our suite of technical and creative SEO services.

It takes a vivid understanding of customer data and Google’s evolving algorithm to inspire growth in organic search. Our specialists combine technical knowledge, industry experience, and creative flair to deliver results that continually-exceed business expectations.

We have a range of SEO services, depending on the particular needs of your enterprise. The right technical set-up enables both search engines and potential customers to discover your website. Logical site architecture makes the user journey from landing page to conversion much simpler, and a data-driven content strategy ensures you’re meeting the needs of your readers.

SEO Management

Successful SEO doesn’t come from merely competing for the most search terms and picking up quick wins along the way.

Sustainable growth in organic search is based on understanding Google’s ever-evolving algorithm, behavioural shifts from customers, and correct analysis of industry trends.

Our SEO services are never linear. We prefer substance over style, and build strategies based on the entire user journey funnel, from awareness to action. Our SEO expertise is all-inclusive, but fluid enough to evolve in line with both Google’s increased intelligence and the objectives of your business.


Content should never be created as a ‘nice-to-have.’ Successful content is based on data-driven research, in order to identify the precise information your potential audience is looking for.

It’s all about context, and building an online hub of resources that can establish your brand as a go-to authority within your industry.

Our patented SEO Bomb® is a content marketing approach built with both users and search engines (such as Google) in mind. Alongside identifying the intent behind relevant user searches, each SEO Bomb® is strategically-designed to increase rankings across multiple search terms and support all stages of the customer journey. It’s a tried-and-tested strategy that puts ROAR at the forefront of creative SEO.

Achieve More with an SEO-PPC Partnership

Two digital marketing strategies work better than one. A two-pronged strategy encompasses both SEO services and paid search, building authority on the one hand, whilst accumulating advertising revenue on the other.

As both technical and creative strategists, ROAR can manage both areas of search, ensuring your organic strategies complement your PPC and vice versa. Although it’s possible to manage these separately, an SEO-PPC partnership is of greater benefit to businesses looking to scale, given the insights that can be shared between campaigns.

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