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Spence and Partners is an organisation of pension consultants, actuaries and administrators who provide simply smarter solutions for trustees, employers and members.

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The ROAR Digital Marketing team is full of experts who understand our brief, take it away and implement a plan to ensure the best results.

We now have a more strategic SEO programme in place and ROAR understands that we don’t want to just increase our search terms and Google rankings, but we want to generate better leads for our services.

We are untouchable in terms of SEO because of the geniuses at ROAR, and they provide us with great insights into our competitors to help keep us ahead of the game in everything we are doing. – Samantha McGowan, Digital Marketing Manager at 3173

4100:1 ROAS produced for spence and partners by ROAR DIGITAL MARKETING

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Spence and Partners faced numerous online challenges; they were suffering from poor online visibility, had very few MQLs (marketing qualified leads), and needed to dramatically increase their search engine authority within a niche, competitive market. They initially set us three goals, to increase their online visibility, increase the number of quality leads, and, by targeting the right people – increase their conversion rate. 



After establishing the problems Spence and Partners were facing, we put a structured plan in place designed to target the clients’ pain points.

Our first step was to implement solid, robust and reliable tracking. We followed this by assessing their website to inform our campaign strategy and thoroughly auditing their SEO and PPC output. 

Our results showed that Spence and Partners were invisible on organic search besides their brand name. Spence and Partners PPC was far too broad which resulted in significant wasted ad spend. Their ad campaigns only utilised the most basic of ad terms. 

We followed this by conducting in-depth keyword research and analysis of search trends working closely with the client to remove unnecessary jargon from their website and their other marketing assets. This data was used to inform our PPC strategy, and afterwards, the clients PPC performance drastically improved and these learnings were used to provide a focus for SEO optimisation.

This quick boost allowed us to improve their holistic paid and organic performance, giving us a cyclical strategy that we implemented consistently to build weekly performance.

Our industry-leading SEO Bomb® was implemented to further enhance the visibility of the client’s website. The bomb is a process that includes the creation of a library of highly targeted and curated content, specifically relevant to a sector or webpage, that uses search engine algorithms to the significant benefit of our clients.



Thanks to our tailored, and strategic search engine marketing strategy, the client not only achieved their goals/objectives but surpassed them dramatically.

  • A rapid ascent to page one of Google search for a host of terms including; ‘PPF assessments’ ‘Illiquid Assets’ ‘Bespoke Pension Services’ ‘Pension Scheme Consultants’, and ‘Pension Consultants’.
  • An increase in organic traffic of 34.6% thanks to our highly focused, high-intent SEO strategy.
  • An increase in quality leads of 211% thanks to our targeted PPC campaign strategy.
  • Which all led to the generation of additional business opportunity value in the region of £4.1m in the last 12 months alone; when compared to their budget, this produces a ROAS ratio of 4100:1
Percent Visual


Increase in quality leads.



4100:1 ROAS achieved in a 12 month period.

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