Content Creation & Optimisation

Great content makes your site the unmissable digital destination for your users. ROAR creates exceptional new content and enhances existing work to establish authority in search and capture user interest online.

In SEO, content is king

Premium content is essential to successful SEO.

The vast majority of online experiences begin with a user typing a question or keyword into a search engine. People use the internet primarily to find answers, and they won’t wait long for a reply. Without excellent, SEO-optimised content on your site, your business has no way of ranking in the search engine results, nor of keeping users on your site when they get there.

We take a data-led approach to our content creation services, by uncovering topics and search terms that match the needs of your potential audience, and building a strategy around them.

Our creative content writers then take over, crafting pages that will not only rank with search engines, but connect with your audience and establish your brand as a go-to authority within your industry.

No plan, no future

Many businesses that invest in content creation services find themselves spending time and money for little or no reward, due to a lack of initial research.

Even well-written content won’t perform if it’s not matched to the requirements of your users. It’ll simply go undiscovered and gather digital dust.

Successful content is a digital marketing tool like any other. It’s based on data, and crafted to satisfy the needs of both the user and search engines. ROAR’s specialists will provide the statistical rationale behind your content strategy, and convert this into exceptional pieces of writing, and then track its progress. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the whole process, and your website will reap the rewards.


Content should never be created as a ‘nice-to-have.’ Successful content is based on data-driven research, in order to identify the precise information your potential audience is looking for.

It’s all about context, and building an online hub of resources that can establish your brand as a go-to authority within your industry.

Our patented SEO Bomb® is a content marketing approach built with both users and search engines (such as Google) in mind. Alongside identifying the intent behind relevant user searches, each SEO Bomb® is strategically-designed to increase rankings across multiple search terms and support all stages of the customer journey. It’s a tried-and-tested strategy that puts ROAR at the forefront of creative SEO.

Focused Content that Converts

Content without purpose simply shouldn’t be there. Google won’t rank it, and your audience won’t read it. Take a fresh approach with ROAR’s content creation services and see the difference a results-focused strategy will make to your business goals.

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