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Theodo is a global design and software engineering consultancy specialising in cloud–native technologies and product development.

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ROAR did a great job ensuring we maintained SEO ranking when we migrated to a new website to remain competitive online and continue to give us great insight and recommendations on our digital marketing strategy.

Image of someone sat at a deks looking at code on a computer screen, for the case study ROAR Digital Markeitng helping software consutlancy theodo achieve 900% increase in conversions

Software Consultancy | Theodo


Theodo came to ROAR facing numerous online issues. Their main problem at the beginning of our project was a lack of marketing-qualified leads coming through both their paid and organic channels. This was due to a severe lack of online visibility, apart from branded terms. They also required further support to navigate website migration. 



For Theodo, we improved SEO by targeting niche keywords that matched user intent, boosting search visibility. We cleaned up the backlink profile by removing low-quality links and securing high-authority backlinks and used the SameAs schema to link Theodo’s site with authoritative profiles, enhancing search engine trust and accuracy.

We also implemented a strategic approach to their paid search strategy by creating multiple campaigns to segment the client’s diverse services. Each ad group was meticulously aligned with its target keywords, enhancing the relevance of the ads.

This segmentation improved ad relevancy and significantly reduced cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Consequently, the client experienced more efficient spending and higher-quality leads.



Thanks to our tailored strategy, this global consultancy client has achieved some amazing results:

  • Increased search visibility by 19.55% 
  • In six months, we were able to increase CTR by 14.8%
  • In six months, we increased conversions by 25%.
  • Increased conversions by over 900% across one year.
  • Increased CTR by 34% across one year.
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Increase in conversions

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Increased search visibility

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