What Do PPC Management Companies Really Do (

What Do PPC Management Companies Really Do?

Have you ever sat and wondered what PPC Management Companies are getting up to each day? In this blog, we will break down their day-to-day tasks geared towards attracting key leads and increasing business conversion rates. Quick fire question, were you aware that PPC Ads can increase brand awareness by 80%?


What Do PPC Management Agencies Really Do?

In this age, you can’t afford to ignore PPC – whether you’re a managing director, considering outsourcing, or a head of marketing going at it with your in-house marketing team, you first need to know what PPC management agencies do. 

If you’re looking to outsource, and wondering what to ask a PPC company before you sign that all-important contract, see our blog here. 


Research your audience

The first step towards a successful PPC ad campaign is knowing and researching the target audience. You may already have some information collected about your target audience, this should be shared with any outsourced PPC management team. This includes audience search behaviour, keywords targeted and how users interact with your landing page once they end up on it. 

If you’re starting PPC entirely from scratch, a PPC agency will help conduct all necessary research. 


Create Visual Display Ads

Sometimes, you may work with a PPC company that specialises in creating display ads. The difference between PPC and Visual Ads is their location. PPC ads appear on search results ranked by keywords bids and the quality of the landing page. Display ads appear on websites which share relevant keywords. 

You may also be curious about implementing Google Shopping ads, which appear most commonly at the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). These ads cannot be bid on by you or a digital agency, but you can still target your ideal audience by submitting optimised feeds, product details, a negative keywords list, and an accurate title description to influence others online to view your products. If this is something you are interested in, ensure your chosen agency specialises in this.

Most businesses tend to stick by the PPC route, as 43% of PPC marketers have admitted that display ads are their least effective channel. 

43% of PPC marketers have admitted that display ads are their least effective channel

Write Ad Copy

A PPC management agency will be responsible for writing creative, effective ad copy. Your ads will appear at the top of Google, and although this placement alone can secure attention, what you say in your ad truly makes the difference. When you are working with a PPC management agency, they will create multiple different variations of ads that somewhere incorporate related keywords. Different variations are created so Google can alternate between different ad combinations, this can decipher and show which types of ads, words and language perform the best. 

For more on a PPC agency’s role, download your free Ultimate Guide to Working With a PPC Agency.


Manage Your Campaigns

A PPC management agency will be your go-to for managing the ins and outs of your campaigns. They will manage your everyday ad spend, and create, design, build, and execute PPC and digital advertising campaigns that meet business goals and objectives. Your PPC agency will be able to answer any questions in relation to your campaigns. 

Discover this blog from ROAR, Questions to Ask a PPC Management Company, for key questions to ask before your hire!


Keyword Research

Performing keyword research is a crucial part of PPC. Top PPC agencies will perform keyword research to understand which search terms your target audience is using. They will use this information to inform their ad strategy, including ad copy and when targeting your audience.

Here at ROAR, we conduct in-depth keyword analysis into the search intent of keywords related to an industry you are targeting. We will support your PPC advertising campaigns with data-driven, creative ads that drive conversions, check out our PPC management services today.


Detailed Reporting and Analysation

If you outsource a PPC management agency to handle and support your ad campaigns, they will be responsible for generating reports and measuring the campaign’s success. They will look at your PPC campaign and its goals and send you a tailored report regularly to show you what is working and what isn’t.

By looking at this information, you and your dedicated team of PPC professionals could spot any negatives, like keywords that aren’t relevant, ad copy that doesn’t convert or landing pages that are bounced from almost immediately. 


Our tips for working with a PPC agency:

  • Ask for relevant case studies to see how they work.
  • Outline your short and long-term goals with a company to be on the same page.
  • Ensure you fully understand the role a pay-per-click specialist will play in your business.
  • Have trust in those who are in charge of your PPC account management.
  • Consider SEO (search engine optimization) or social media marketing to compliment your digital marketing strategy.
  • Shop around, whether in England, the United Kingdom or globally and find an agency that you connect with.
  • Read reviews, reviews are honest feedback from past or current partners. An abundance of bad reviews or even a lack of them can be gianormous warning sign to stay away from this agency.




If you’re after an agency with a proven track record of PPC results, ROAR is the perfect solution for you,  get in touch with one of our specialists today!



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