Questions to ask your PPC agency

Questions to Ask a PPC Management Company

When meeting with a PPC agency, you may be wondering how to ensure they are the right fit for your business. Let’s look at how you would determine this and some questions to ask your PPC agency. 

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Working with a PPC agency 

Working with a PPC agency means that your PPC campaigns, including budget and spending, is overseen by an outsourced PPC specialist. They can assist with various tasks, including conducting in-depth keyword research, devising strategies, monitoring search terms and performance and creating ad copy. For more, check out our blog, what do PPC services include?

A PPC agency can create and implement Google ads, remarket to your target audience, optimise your accounts, create social and email advertising campaigns, manage budgets, and report statistics. Overall they should have an extensive amount of knowledge of the industry.

It is possible to learn how to do PPC yourself, but it can be time-consuming, and the tools could be costly. Hiring a PPC agency means your campaigns will have that expertise touch and will be maintained by some who knows what they are looking for and what errors or negatives to spot, if any. Around 45% of businesses have implemented PPC into their digital marketing strategy, with good reason.

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You will generally receive a standard of service which in turn will allow your ads to run smoothly and successfully.

But how do you know if a PPC management company is right for you? Well, let’s take a look at some questions you can ask to make this a little bit easier.


Questions to ask a PPC Management Company

The questions you pose to a PPC agency you are thinking of working with can vary on many factors, including the level of knowledge you already have, the business size and what industry you are operating in.

For a more general guide, the below should come in handy when considering what questions to ask your PPC agency:


What’s your experience when it comes to PPC work in my sector?


This is crucial when hiring or discussing your business with your prospective PPC agency. This is because many PPC agencies will have a wealth of experience, but some may already have specific experience in your industry. This can be beneficial as they will understand your audience and potentially some of their search behaviours – which will come in handy when creating and implementing ads.


What PPC platforms do you specialise in?


This, again, is vital for understanding whether a PPC management company or specialist is going to work well with your business.  Some platforms may be totally out of the question for your business and target audience, and a PPC agency may have a good idea of what these platforms are from your first introduction. The PPC agency you choose to work with must cover platforms that will be beneficial to your business, not just any other random ones.

Does your agency have any certifications, such as in AdWords?


A PPC agency having certifications is undoubtedly a bonus but not essential. Certifications are great ways of showing where expertise and knowledge came from and can show a PPC agency’s dedication to learning and educating themselves. However, plenty of well-experienced and knowledgeable  PPC specialists do not have certifications.


What metrics will you report on, and how often?


A PPC agency will have the responsibility to report back their findings, successes and losses, if any, in regard to your campaigns. It is essential to be clear on both sides when these reports will be made and available to reflect on, to keep track of changes and influence campaigns in the future.

It is also key for a business to understand where its budget is going, what the agency is doing with it and for you to understand how its ads are performing. Asking what metrics an agency will report on is important as metrics help measure efficiency and performance. Some metrics will be more specific to your audience and industry to determine how the PPC manager will report and why they think their version of reporting is fit for your business.


How do you define success?


This is a pretty open-ended question, but it also will give you an idea of how the company measure their team performance and client success. You want to see what they envision success with your company or brand and if this matches well with your and your business goals. Ultimately it will give you more insight into the agency’s personality.


Do you have case studies to demonstrate previously-successful campaigns?


Case studies are excellent as they can show past work and campaigns. They will capture the perspective of both business and client whilst explaining what steps were taken in a campaign and what worked. Case studies will typically include the results from each campaign so you can have an insight into the success of an agency.


What are the costs and your projected ROI (return on investment)?


A PPC agency will likely be able to present you with an idea of projected ROI based on their knowledge and experience, but this is an excellent way of getting some ideas of profit success that can come from tier campaigns.

When discussing the costs involved within the PPC marketing campaigns, ensure you fully understand what you are paying for and if there is anything you do not understand – ask! You will feel relief when you’re fully aware of what budget you need to put into the PPC agency’s effort and, ultimately, a guestimate of what you can expect back.

A bit stumped on how to choose a PPC management agency? Check out our blog here.


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