PPC Managed Services - can they support your business

Google PPC Management Services and Your Business

PPC-managed services are when an outside business or third party controls your ad management, overseeing your PPC campaigns, including spending. 

With PPC, your ads are broadcasted online, for example, above organic search results on Google. When an ad is clicked, you will pay a small fee; however, your products and services will be in front of the user. This means PPC could generate a significant amount of revenue. PPC services can range from £350 upwards monthly. 

For more on working with a PPC agency, check out our blog covering PPC Advertising and Management Services.

With only 45% of small businesses investing in PPC, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of your competitors! 


45% of small businesses invest in PPC (pay-per-click), PPC managed services


The role of a PPC manager is to:


Conduct keyword research

Research and target keywords that will be utilised on search engines by your target audience, which will result in leads and potential conversions. 


Conduct competitor analysis 

PPC specialists will focus on trends and remain up to date with tactics and strategies incorporated by competitors to continue challenging them. 



Analysing results and producing quality monthly reporting documents so your business can stay on top of relevant search terms to focus on the most effective search terms. 


Return on investment

Your PPC management agency, team or PPC expert should be keeping track of ROI (return on investment), which can impact budget and future ad campaign spending.


Split testing

A PPC marketing team will know and understand the cruciality of split testing to further optimise your PPC campaigns’ return on investment. This can be completed by running different ad variants, including various versions of a text ad or video ad.


How PPC managed services can support your business?


PPC-managed services will help you reach your business goals 

Including business exposure, sales, leads and traffic, PPC advertising can drive traffic to your website by positioning your business as the go-to for search terms, which can align your strategy and end goals. 


PPC strategy is easily measured

Pay-per-click campaigns are one of the most straightforward strategies to measure, this is because it can simply be done within Google ads in Google Analytics. Your results and statistics will be readily available. 


PPC can support your other marketing channels

Pay-per-click management can support SEO by supporting keyword research and success. Using data from PPC campaign keyword performance can further support and direct organic SEO efforts on your website. In turn, this can further support your content marketing. 

For more on how PPC can support SEO read our blog post How PPC and SEO work together.


PPC is instantaneous

Whilst organic marketing efforts like SEO work in the long term and take a while before you even see results, PPC can push your website, landing page or content to the top of Google fast.


PPC doesn’t rely on algorithms

PPC isn’t impacted by how and when search engine algorithms change, and rarely do PPC algorithms experience high-volume changes leaving PPC a sustainable and consistent part of your marketing strategy.


Warm leads

PPC targets users actively searching for search terms related to what you are selling. You will pay per click, but your product or service will be right in front of interested search users. 


How ROAR can help

At ROAR, we specialise in data-driven digital marketing strategy, including PPC management, that makes a real difference to the leads and conversion your website sees.

We conduct thorough research to fully understand your business and display you in the most relevant online space targeting your ideal customer through desktop and mobile advertising. 

With our team of specialists, we can dramatically increase your leads and conversions whilst accurately tracking your progress.

For more on PPC secure your free guide to working with a PPC agency


For PPC campaigns that make a real difference to your leads, check out our PPC management page today!


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