Explained: What is a Search Engine Marketing Consultant?

Search engine marketing consultants have been around for some time, but the role has grown. Some still use the term interchangeably with other levels of expertise, further muddying the matter. So allow us to enlighten you!

We’ll look into the specifics of search engine marketing below, compare it to other industry positions and analyse the impact that hiring one of these 21st-century superheroes can have on your business.

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What is Search Engine Marketing?


A lot of confusion stems from different acronyms. Some mix SEO and SEM. Add the letters PPC to the mix, and you’ve a WTF situation (LOL and/or ROFL).

Back in the days before Google became the muscular global giant it is today, search engine marketing (SEM) was a broad term. It was employed by anyone aiming for higher places on the search results. SEM involved both SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay-per-click).

That’s still the same today, although as SEM has grown more complex, those working in the industry are more likely to focus on one or more key specialisms, with an SEO or PPC-related job title to match.


What is SEO consulting?

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To clear things up further, SEO consulting relates to organic search or ‘non-paid’ search engine results. Google looks at 200+ ranking factors to evaluate a website’s quality, and those best meeting its criteria earn the highest places.

SEO consultants cover the following issues:

  • On-page

Anything related to what the website user sees, including content, navigation, videos and images.

  • Off-page

PR-related activity such as link earning.

  • Technical

Ensuring that the tech set-up of a site matches Google’s requirements.

These three combine to form SEO consulting, and an SEO specialist is usually an expert in one or more key areas.

Using Google has become as much a part of life as grabbing a coffee first thing or dusting one’s nether regions with talcum after a hot shower. 75% of us never bother to look beyond page one of the search results, and as much as 68% of all online activity starts with a search engine.

So, appear at the top of the results, and you’ll have a greater chance of increasing your website’s traffic. Consider this, and it’s clear why SEO is an essential strategy for any business wanting to compete.


Difference between SEO and SEM (oh, and PPC)

As we’ve seen, SEO is purely-related to organic search. By contrast, the term PPC generally relates to ads that appear on the top of the search results pages. Fees are paid for the ad every time a user clicks on it.

SEM covers both SEO and PPC. It includes on-page, off-page and technical SEO. It also includes tactics aimed at how to improve PPC performance, such as running ads that appear at the top of the search results, display (or banner) advertising, YouTube ads, Amazon ads and social media ads.


What do SEM consultants do?

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Great search engine marketing consultants don’t come up with ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. When it comes to choosing strategies, there are industry, business-size and budget considerations. SEM consultants should employ whatever tactics are likely to bring the best results, using a mix of SEO and PPC.

PPC and SEO compliment each other extremely well. Paid search normally delivers quick wins and instant impact, whereas organic search builds for the long term.


Why hire search engine marketing consultants?

Business owners obviously want to succeed, and having a great website is key to this. In 2021, those indulging in online shopping rose to a whopping 27.6% of the global population, so online marketing is well-worth the investment.

Search engine marketing consultants aim to do the following for your business:

  • Analyse your site’s current performance

Following champagne and canapés, all campaigns should start with an audit. This is an in-depth look at your site, identifying all present strengths and weaknesses. From this, a strategy can be built.

  • Identify and target your true customers

Targeting those most likely to engage with your brand is essential, and it’s a major consideration when it comes to putting a strategy together. After all, if your most-likely customers are 18-25-year-old skaters, there’s no point producing content and ads that target One Show-loving pensioners.

  • Increase site traffic

An increase in quality traffic should mean a higher number of sales.

  • Increase conversions

More sales are ultimately why most people form businesses in the first place, and yes, SEM specialists can help you get rich!

  • Help to grow your brand

More relevant visitors = more sales = a bigger brand. The tactics chosen by a great search engine marketing consultant will be geared towards business expansion at a sustainable pace.

  • Be an extended part of your family

Great search engine marketing consultants want to feel as much a part of your business as your contracted staff and be only too happy to share their knowledge in layman’s terms.

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And this is where ROAR comes in. With years of industry experience between us, we’re determined to do away with the current cloak-and-dagger elements of the industry and let openness rule the day.

We offer digital marketing services that bring genuine results and are happy to take the time to dissect our strategies in simple, everyday language.

Find out more about our consulting services and speak to one of our team today.


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