Do PPC companies really work?

Do PPC Companies Really Work?

In today’s article, we will discover a more and more prompting question: Do PPC companies really work?



In our experience, PPC account management is among the first areas businesses tend to outsource.

For most companies, during business growth, there comes a time when serving all fields in-house becomes impossible. After years of hard work building your company, outsourcing any part of your business to someone you don’t trust is challenging.

At this point, you may rightfully have plenty of questions. We at ROAR intend to help you below to analyse: Do PPC companies really work?


When should you outsource PPC management?

In the beginning, when resources are scarce and time is many, the best approach you can follow is to manage your own internet marketing. Especially if you have a solid understanding of how digital marketing works.

Even if you would not consider yourself a guru, you can only benefit from deepening your knowledge in PPC advertising.

On the other hand, let’s be candid; if you are considering fast growth, you can’t waste your time. In this case, you might consider trusting a professional digital marketing agency.

To decide which approach would be the most beneficial for you, you should ask yourself these questions:

– Do you feel like your current campaigns need to be more successful and deliver the right traffic?

– Is your ad spend larger than your return on investment?

– Would you be able to produce more if you could spend your time on the business operation? Rather than spending hours optimising PPC ads?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should consider choosing a PPC management company.


What are the benefits of using a PPC management company?

Mastering any digital marketing areas (PPC, SEO, Social, Content) requires years of learning and experience. However, one distinguishing factor differentiates PPC from the rest of the group. It requires a large amount of money.

The most significant benefit of outsourcing paid search is that you can make sure Google won’t burn your money. Experience is invaluable when it comes to Google recommendations.

Secondly, you should expect a higher conversion rate. PPC management services include setting up and measuring the right conversion actions on your landing pages.

Thirdly, transparent and easy-to-understand measurement. Digital marketers are working hard to earn your trust. So it is important to showcase how they have helped you to reach all those important goals.

Although offers may vary per agency, generally, the responsibilities of PPC Management Companies remain the same, so as long as you choose a trustworthy agency, the benefits should be the same.

What should you seek to measure your PPC’s success?


Whether you choose to manage your own PPC campaigns or work with an Ads expert, understanding the key performance indicators can only be beneficial for your organisation.

There are many key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you better understand how your target audiences react to your campaign.

They can also help you gain a clearer vision of what’s working right and what should be improved.


Impressions: Firstly, this KPI highlights how many times your ads appeared on the search engine result page.


Clicks: Clicks are essential metrics to measure how convincing your ads are. It’s also a great indication of whether you’re targeting the right audience.


Click-through-rate (CTR): CTR helps you compare your ads to your industry average. In 2022, 3.17% is considered the benchmark for search ads. This metric is the result of the division of the impressions and clicks: Impression / Clicks = CTR. Your CTR is also influencing your ad campaign’s quality score.


Average CPC: This metric tells you how much you have spent on average on one click.

Google uses a live auction method to decide which ads will be shown. Your CPC can depend on various factors such as industry, competition, time and day etc.


Conversion: Your landing pages should include high-converting sales copy and a clear call to action. These CTA’s should be tracked with analytics and pulled through Google Ads. Conversions are important steps made by visitors to your website, such as phone clicks, purchases, sending emails etc.


Lastly, the two most important KPIs are Cost/Conversion and Cost/Sales. The first is telling you how much you have spent to reach a valuable action. The second is an indication of your ROI (Return On Investment).


The ROAR team pulled together our combined knowledge and findings from client’s past and present to answer the question, “How effective is PPC Advertising?


We are proud to produce high-quality ads all across all industries. We helped many B2C and B2B businesses reach their business goals by providing high-converting ads. If you are searching for data-driven PPC management services, do not hesitate to contact us today for our free 30-minute PPC consultation.



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