Do I need an SEO Agency to rank in search results

Do I Need an SEO Agency to Rank in Search Results?


Do you find yourself asking, “Do I need an SEO Agency? It may come across as though an SEO Agency is the only answer to helping you rank in search results but is that always the case?



What can an SEO Agency do?

Although every agency is different, any good agency will follow roughly the same process. Daily, it is an SEO specialist’s responsibility to check a website’s performance and keyword-tracking analytics. But they also focus on keyword research, optimisation and reviewing audits.

To get a better understanding of the day-to-day tasks of an SEO agency, read our blog post – What does an SEO agency do day to day?

An SEO specialist is highly skilled in their focus area and knows the strategies to help you rank. As a specialist, they can spend the time to ensure that best practices are followed on content throughout your site. They will be able to mitigate any problems that could arise and solve the ones that do quickly.

For everything you need to know about working with an SEO agency, download the free ebook by ROAR, why hire an SEO agency

Are there other solutions?

Of course! There is a range of other SEO options to help you rank on search engines for people of all experience levels. But the two primary options other than hiring an SEO agency are learning SEO from scratch or Using a DIY SEO Platform that should break SEO down into manageable chunks for you to do yourself.

Learn SEO

There are plenty of courses online that assist you in learning how to do SEO for your business and the best practices to follow. HubSpot and SEMRush both have academies designed specifically for this.

However, platforms can be expensive, but they do offer all of the knowledge you may need in the long term as your skills develop. Learning SEO is not a short process either, so if you want your business to start ranking soon, learning SEO is not the option for you right now.

ROAR’s DIY SEO Platform

We understand that bigger platforms like SEMRush and Ahref’s could be overwhelming as they offer you a depth of knowledge but maybe a little bit too much too soon. So at ROAR, we developed the DIY SEO Platform to help you take control of your SEO, develop your SEO strategy and develop your understanding of SEO too.

It’s a lower-cost alternative to the big platforms but offers you just as much with an easy-to-learn layout, and the academy feature offers you short videos so that you can learn as you go.

The platform takes into account the time you have available for SEO within a month and shapes its suggested actions around that, so you never feel like you have too much to do and not enough time.

The easy-to-use dashboard gives you insights into all aspects of your website and its performance in a manageable and digestible way.

To find out about the features and learn more, read or watch the video version of the blog – ROAR’s Do It Yourself SEO Platform.


Do I need an SEO agency to rank in search results? – a summary

So ‘do I need an SEO agency?’ may very well still be a question you ask yourself regularly. What it boils down to is how much time you have available to put into SEO. If the answer is none, I’d recommend hiring an agency that can stay on top of all the SEO stuff for you, and I wouldn’t mind if you considered ROAR to do it.

On the flip side, if you have the time and want to learn SEO for yourself, I’d recommend a DIY SEO platform so that you can get the ball rolling in the SEO department and gain a deeper understanding as you go. Make sure to ask a prospective SEO agency tonnes of questions, to see if they are right for your business.

When it comes to ranking, just 0.83% of Clicks go to websites on page 2 of Google, so to get those clicks your content deserves, you definitely need an SEO strategy, but whether you need an SEO agency to do it… I’ll leave that to you.


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