ROAR's Do it yourself SEO Software

ROAR’s Do It Yourself SEO Software

ROAR’s do-it-yourself SEO software or DIY SEO software is a platform for businesses to take complete control of their online visibility. If you’re doing SEO in-house especially you need an SEO Software to highlight the reasons why check out the blog – Why your business needs SEO software




What is the Do it Yourself SEO software?

The DIY SEO Software is a platform which puts the power back in your hands to take control of your online SEO performance. It offers a variety of features giving you personalised search engine optimisation actions, information on metrics, strategies for backlinks and key search engine practices. 


How it Can Assist Your Business

Features of ROARs DIY SEO Software


DIY SEO Action Engine – this key feature of the platform dives deep into your website. It will pinpoint exactly what is harming your ranking whilst providing you with the ideas and tools to fix the problems. 

This unique tool will sift through your website problems and highlight what needs tweaking. It will also inform you of why it is important and provide in-depth step-by-step instructions to fix all problems.

It will be tailored to your website alone and will drip-feed the most critical issues you are facing. It will highlight those that require immediate attention and then filter in the less crucial recommendations at a good pace so as not to overwhelm you or your team 

The scanning aspect of this tool is particularly great as it means the action engines SEO suggestions never end. It will constantly scan your site including new content and highlight areas for improvement in real-time! This allows you to constantly keep your website fresh and at the top of its SEO game.

Backlink strategy boosting – The platform allows you to conduct backlink analysis on competitors in your industry. You are able to dissect and understand up to six of your top rivals and view high-authority backlinks whilst also incorporating guest posting opportunities. 

You are able to undertake a health diagnosis on your backlinks which will run a  test on the weaknesses. 

Journalist outreach – Within the DIY SEO Platform, there is a feature called journalist outreach or HARO (help a reporter out) outreach. With this feature, you can search for outreach posts relating to a variety of keyword searches! Follow this by providing your knowledge to reporters and websites in order to build your backlink strategy. 

By doing this, it allows you to submit your knowledge to websites and organisations with established authority in hopes of them linking to your content or website. Backlinking like this shows search engines that your content is reliable and valuable and the type of content they should put in front of users. 

Local SEO – If your business thrives in its location or you aim to attract the locals then local SEO is how you get there. 

The DIY SEO platform can assist you in amending and keying the local citations so you are able to pop up in the right places across search engines. As part of an innovative locale SEO tool, you can completely organise your Google My Business profile whilst overseeing customer reviews.

Track metrics – via the seamless and integrated do it yourself SEO Platform you are able to visualise the data and SEO performance of your website. 

Combining this with the use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts you can certainly impress within your marketing meetings. You can measure changes in real-time with our user-friendly smart platform where you can track up to 50 high-intent keywords at a time. 

SEO Academy – The SEO Academy is an optional extra of the platform. Here you will find a variety of courses tailored to developing your SEO skills. Some courses include; SEO Fundamentals and The SEO Strategy. 

These can be significantly beneficial for those just starting out with their online business and hoping to learn more and take their online visibility and SEO to the next level.

Alongside all of the above, you can manage your sitemap, track website traffic monitor your SEO action progress with a helpful percentage guide.

All the metrics you want to track are presented in simple yet effective ways using interactive graphs and visuals. 


How to Purchase the do it yourself SEO Software

Here at ROAR Digital Marketing, we know that committing to something like this can be daunting so we offer a 7-day free trial on our DIY SEO Platform. This will give you access to try before your buy.

Additionally, we offer free demonstrations of the platform with a member of our team, so you can see what it’s really all about, schedule one here.

However, after this, if you love the platform as much as we do you can purchase it for two types of users.

A single user begins at £99 a month or a multi-user experience starts at £129 both including the free trial.

Additionally, we offer the SEO Academy for £10 extra per month.


If you would like to set up a call to discuss the platform with a member of our team regarding the platform, click here.

To see the other services we offer here at ROAR take a look at our digital marketing services page. 



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