What does an SEO agency do day to day?

What Does an SEO Agency Do Day to Day?

So really, what does an SEO agency do? You may be asking yourself this as you begin your online optimisation journey and weigh up whether you should hire an SEO company.


What is an SEO agency?

Before we get to answering what does an SEO agency do on a daily? Let’s break down first, what does SEO stand for?

It stands for search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation is a series of website tasks which are completed and monitored to maximise the number of visitors to a website. This is by completing optimisation tasks and implementing things to improve position on the results page of a search engine. 

An SEO agency is a company which provides SEO services to businesses to further develop their online presence. An agency most likely specialises in a wide range of SEO tasks, they create an SEO strategy to reach website goals and secure a good spot on a search engine results page. 

If you’re not even thinking about your SEO it may be time, as the top page on search results has an average clickthrough rate of 32%. That’s a third or all search results page click-throughs.For more on working with an SEO agency download Why hire an SEO agency – the ultimate guide.


What does an SEO agency do day to day?

Say you’re browsing online at different SEO agencies you could outsource. Firstly you’re excited and ready to see your website hit the top of the results pages. Secondly, you’re scratching your head thinking, what does an SEO agency do?

Well, let’s have a look at their day-to-day activities as they balance all the things to do in SEO territory. 

Every single day SEO specialists will be in charge of checking website performance and keyword position analytics. This is in order to keep on top of a website’s performance. Google algorithms, updates and user dynamics have the ability to change every single day so an SEO specialist needs to keep up. They will also keep up with keyword competitiveness and search volume as these can also change day to day. 

They have the responsibility of looking towards what particular page on your website or which landing pages are getting the most attention. By doing so, SEO specialists can see which landing pages and keywords are performing best and use these going forward. 


What does an SEO agency do day to day


Keyword research

Keyword research is arguably an SEO-ers most vital day-to-day task. This is because every search query a user makes on Google starts with a keyword of some sort. Additionally, 68% of any online experiences begin on a search engine. 

Your SEO agency will be on the lookout for competitive keyword words with a good level of search volume. 

They will also be keeping an eye out for the relevance of these keywords. This is because when targeting a keyword, you need to ensure that they are relevant to what your audience is using or searching for. 

As the new year rolls around, see our blog why do I need an SEO agency in 2023?



An SEO agency or expert takes on the role of optimising your company’s website and its content. This doesn’t just mean writing blogs or website copy, there’s more. An SEO-er will perform both onsite and offsite (on-page and off-page) SEO tasks. 

These include ensuring that a website has the following:

  • Good standard of keyword use
  • Correct and effective internal linking
  • Great metadata
  • Quality and meaningful content
  • Plenty of accessibility factors
  • A good website loading speed
  • Ease of navigation

To ensure that all the above is covered, an SEO specialist will trial and error a few things. This includes keyword usage and matching, potential changes to code, and changes to copy and backlink health checks. 

 All the above contribute to the SEO ranking of a website. So, your SEO agency should be keeping a keen eye on all.

Off-page SEO covers more outsourcing strategies and gaining backlinks from others to your website. Things like outsourcing backlinks can be done by writing content for other sites (guest posting) that have authority and talk a lot about your industry. 

To check the authority of a website we recommend the Ahrefs Website Authority Checker. 


Content creation

An SEO agency may assist with creating your website content. This can include your blog content, social media posts and even your website copy itself. An SEO agency that assists with content is a huge benefit to businesses as an SEO specialist should be up to date on most SEO trends. 

This recently includes the Google Helpful Content update. An SEO specialist will know just how to write content for your target audience that is helpful, optimised and able to rank higher on search engines.  


Reviewing audits

Reviewing audits isn’t necessarily an everyday task. Ideally, each website should be audited weekly but this can depend on the size of the website, The reason SEO specialists perform audits is to stay on top of any changes that are happening on the website. 

In our experience, we’ve seen changes happen that can negatively impact a website’s SEO. Here at ROAR, we audit weekly in order to stay on top of this. 


Overseeing website performance

Overseeing website performance is a crucial part of an SEO specialists day to day tasks. There is no way of knowing how a website is performing on the search results if you don’t keep up with its performance. Some of the areas you should take a look at include: bounce rate, new user rate, search queries, session duration and acquisition. Metrics like these are great indicators of how a website is gaining visitors, how those visitors act on a website and overall how the website performs. 


Checking the websites visually

Most SEO agencies and marketers don’t actually do this but it’s crucial for an SEO to know how the websites they manage inside and out. Visually checking your websites ultimately means navigating the website yourself whilst making notes of any user experience issues or any broken elements and any aspects of the website that don’t function right. After this, you would take these notes to the client or the web developer in order to fix them.


Reviewing backlinks and link building 

This is a pretty simple step of an SEO specialist’s day. You can use various backlinks or link-building tools of your choosing. At ROAR we recommend using Ahrefs. Backlinks contribute heavily to SEO as a range of backlinks to your website can show your authority as a source.

Alternatively, the backlinks you provide in your content can show you have done your research in blog posts. 

So what does an SEO agency do? The answer is a LOT! SEO agencies provide everything you need to have a well-functioning website with the ability to rank. 

Contact ROAR today for SEO that skyrockets your rankings.


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