Why use an SEO Agency for better user experience

Why Use an SEO Agency for Better User Experience?

Hiring an SEO agency has many benefits and can affect the online experience of your website users.


How does SEO affect user experience?

Why use an SEO agency? Well, before we tuck into that let’s establish how does SEO affect the user experience?

SEO can contribute to a user experience online in a variety of ways. Google uses various user engagement metrics in its search algorithms to rank your website. 

Google is always working to improve its search results for users. Recently the Google Helpful Content update announced a shift of focus when creating content. It said that content must be firstly for the users’ benefit instead of purely ranking.

For more check out our blog post on the Google Helpful Content update. By doing this, Google can evaluate whether the content across a website is valuable to a user. 

User experience whilst browsing your website is critical. For example, nearly 60% of consumers will abandon a website if it takes too long to load – the majority just simply won’t return. A webpage’s ideal loading time would be around 3 seconds before you lose a user.

60% of consumers will abandon a website if it takes too long to load

So you’re asking yourself why use an SEO agency well there are many things an SEO agency can support you with.

Let’s look at why an SEO agency is important for businesses focusing on user experience. 

ROAR recently launched ‘Why hire an SEO agency – the ultimate guide.’ This is a  free downloadable guide to working with an  SEO agency.


Why use an SEO agency for a better customer experience?

An SEO agency will most likely know and understand the SEO world a bit more than you do. This includes how SEO can affect a user’s online experience on your site.

Say you’ve noticed a few hiccups across your website that hinder its performance. Or you have run some URLs through the Page Speed Insights tool (we highly recommend doing so). You see the red scores of doom, and you may be considering what effects this has on your SEO value. 

But, don’t panic you certainly do not need to be an experienced SEO veteran at all. An SEO agency will support you to provide a smooth and efficient experience to your users. 

So, why use an SEO agency,  let’s break down the positive impacts an agency can have on user experience. 


Create relevant and audience-driven content.

You may or may not have created a stream of content for your website already. An SEO agency can help create engaging content specific to your audience that ranks for key intent terms that matter. Here at ROAR, we use our SEO Bomb® to do this for our clients.

An SEO agency can determine what content is suitable and relevant for your audience. This is in order to rank highly on search engines and against your competition. They will also take into account the overall quality of the content. This  needs to be up to standard in order to attract an audience and retain them 

Your content needs to stand out and outsourced SEO services can help you determine what is worth writing or posting. The better, more engaging and more relevant your content is the better experience a user in your target audience will have. In turn, this can create brand loyalty. If a user feels they benefit from your content they most likely will come back. 


SEO will improve your website navigation.

It’s very likely that across your website you’ve promoted the services and products that you offer. And somewhere on that site there are probably contact details, an about page and maybe a team page.

But, have you ever considered how all of these pages, elements and information function? Your website needs to be easy to navigate and use for not only your audience but the SEO aspect also. 

SEO can be greatly affected by low functionality and poor web practice, including website speed, large files, and how accessible it is. A user is likely to leave a website if the navigation and functionality are not up to par. 

Hiring an SEO company can help organise your website whilst providing audits on current performance. And, offer suggestions on how to increase SEO ranking by improving website functionality factors. 

After all, who doesn’t want to rank high and offer their audience a positive experience online?


Improve accessibility. 

Having an accessible website is a huge factor in user experience. You need to ensure that your website is easy to read and navigate for people of all backgrounds.

Perfecting the accessible factors of your website ensures that potential visitors to your site will have a good experience. This specifically includes those with disabilities.

And, that users can both easily access and navigate your website with no bumps along the way. This bodes well for best practices as you improve the website for every single user. 

You would be surprised that a lot of websites online do not offer a fully accessible website. Approximately 97.4% of the world’s top one million websites do not. 


Create and establish valuable link habits.

Within your website and its content, link building is bound to come into play.  Backlinking not only boosts the accessibility of your website but it boosts your SEO ranking also. 

A successfully optimised website nowadays almost resembles a spider web of content and interlinking pages or external pages. You may be asking yourself “why on earth should I use external links to other sites?” Well, linking to another website outside of your domain doesn’t necessarily hurt you.

You can easily keep a hold of your traffic by opening external links in new tabs. This is so your website users don’t leave your website completely – this can also combat bounce rate. 

It’s important to mention that you should have your internal links open in the same window. By including external links, you can back up your points or assist in answering audience questions. 

But, make sure the sources you use are trustworthy and have authority. A good way to check is by using the Ahrefs Website Authority Checker. 

An SEO agency will explain backlinking in more detail and be able to implement good practices across your website. 

By creating internal links between your website pages you can present your users with relevant information that could help them further. 

For example, a few weeks ago ROAR wrote an article on How to create content clusters for SEO like a pro. This was followed by part two The importance of creating content clusters for SEO like a pro. 

So in order to link these pieces as they were related we included the following in our blog: 

“If you’re still a little unsure about how to create content clusters. You can check out our post on How to create content clusters for SEO like a PRO.



For more on working with an SEO agency, download the free guide ‘Why hire an SEO agency’ here. 

Know a business that needs SEO services? Get in touch with one of our specialists today and together we can take your SEO to new levels!


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