9 benefits of hiring an SEO company

9 Key Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company

When hiring an SEO agency it’s important to fully understand their responsibility and if it is really worthwhile. In this blog, we take a look into 9 key benefits of hiring an SEO company.

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9 Key Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company


Expert insight

One of the benefits of hiring an SEO agency is their expert insight. An SEO company will have years of experience and knowledge on the SEO industry and its best practices.

 For business owners who are just opening their eyes to the SEO world, your knowledge may be a little restricted. By hiring an SEO company you can be assured that someone with a high level of knowledge will be handling your optimisation. 

This can be highly beneficial as it saves you the time of both learning and training staff and allows you to feel confident about how your online presence is developing. 


Excellent ability to keep up with an ever-changing industry 

In the SEO industry, things can change at any minute we have seen this happen with multiple past Google updates. As a business owner or someone who does not specialise in SEO, you may find it hard to keep up with the trends or even find things that are related to the industry. 

An SEO company will constantly be keeping up with the trends and looking for new updates. This is to ensure the work they are doing is in line with the current trends so their clients stay on top.

This means you can focus on other areas of your business and be informed of SEO changes as you progress with the company. All instead of trying to balance learning with your other tasks. 


SEO improves your website

This is pretty self-explanatory but search engine optimisation does improve your website by a huge margin. Without implementing an SEO strategy your website may fall short of the key exposure they need to drive traffic and sales. With 67.6% of all clicks going straight to the top five organic search results exposure is vital. 

infrographic explaining that 67.6% of all clicks going straight to the top five organic search results, 9 Key Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company

An SEO expert can help you at every stage of your knowledge and current website optimisation stage. From implementing your first bits of SEO to planning and implementing a whole new strategy to complement what you have already set up. 

This is vital if you are hoping to rank higher on search engines, and gain new traffic reaching potential customers or leads all whilst reducing your spending on SEO.


Focus on your business

Before you begin or if you happened to have already started, we’re sure your diary was already pretty packed with your regular day-to-day tasks, wasn’t it? Well, outsourcing your SEO services means you have more time to focus on your business and your everyday tasks. 

Apart from the scheduled in meetings with the SEO agency of your choice to keep both parties up to date with what’s going on, you shouldn’t feel too disturbed from your routine. 

This is really beneficial for you as your attention can remain on the other ongoings with the business. This would include overseeing your products, sales, team and day-to-day tasks. 

Convinced its time to hire? Find out how to hire an SEO agency here.


High standard reporting 

One of the benefits of working closely with an SEO company is the high-standard reports you will receive. An agency is fully responsible for reporting its findings, developments and overall progress. 

Not only will this allow you to understand the inner workings of SEO much more, but you will have a complete understanding of what the SEO company is doing. 

This is important as you need to know and understand where your money is going and how in turn, is benefiting the business. A good SEO company will have a smooth, regular reporting process as part of their services.

An SEO report is essential as it provides clear transparency between both you and the agency you working with. It will detail your rankings, traffic and conversions due to newly implemented tactics and techniques.


Avoiding costly mistakes

Outsourcing professional SEO-ers can ensure you avoid costly mistakes online. This is because there is not as much risk when you seek and bring in professionals to handle your online presence. Now, this is in no way insulting your SEO skills or ability to implement strategy yourself, but with a professional stepping in, the whole campaign may run more smoothly.

Ultimately this comes down to their wealth of experience and knowledge. In the future, you and your in-house team may reach a point where you feel comfortable handling your search engine optimisation yourself, which would be great! However, if you’re even the slightest bit unsure of how to achieve long-term, successful SEO and bring in some support, it’s worth it.


More efficient SEO journey

It is likely an agency you decide to work with will have a solid and well-bonded team that can begin and implement an SEO strategy almost straight away. By working with an SEO agency, the professionals, including website techs and content writers, are there. 

These companies have highly skilled team members and resources to implement immediate and effective changes. This also means any issues or hiccups on your site that occur are most likely on hand to fix them pretty quickly. 


Assist with SEO-related marketing strategies

Different SEO strategies can involve a variety of different platforms. For example, an SEO campaign can involve using social media to boost your SEO. An agency will know how to incorporate other platforms and channels to improve your SEO further.

Although we know social media optimisation doesn’t directly contribute to the ranking on search engine results pages / SERPs. But links you share across social platforms can increase brand recognition and customer loyalty which directly relates to sales and leads.

An SEO agency will some tips and tricks for using other platforms or channels like this or even include them as part of their service.


Avoid dodgy black hat tactics

Black hat SEO is a tactic that goes up against search engines in order to get a site ranking higher unethically. Using tactics like these doesn’t usually end up with the searcher receiving what they needed. They also often end up in a website receiving a penalty from search engines.

Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing cloaking and using a private link network.


There are so many benefits of hiring an SEO company so if you’re looking to outsource your SEO why not contact ROAR?

ROAR Digital Marketing Agency specialises in SEO Management Services for our clients including our additional DIY SEO Platform and SEO Bomb® all geared towards helping our clients succeed online.



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