What Are the Benefits of PPC (Power Up Your Presence)

What Are the Benefits of PPC (Power Up Your Online Presence)

Is your business lacking the traffic-driven results that PPC (pay-per-click advertising) provides? In 2020, 74% of brands stated that PPC is a ‘huge driver for their business’. This bodes the question can you really afford to ignore the benefits of PPC?

Read on and we will prove why you should invest in PPC.

What Are the Benefits of PPC?

  • PPC can drive valuable, traffic to your website almost immediately.
  • Full control over budget, timeline, and targeting.
  • Measurable and trackable performance metrics.
  • Increase sales & leads from organic sources with data from PPC campaigns.
  • Quickly and easily test demand for products or services.
  • Targeted advertising that is based on interests, locations, and more.
  • Maximize your budget efficiently with control.

For more on what is PPC and what it can do to support your business, read this post from ROAR. 


PPC Helps Drive Traffic to Your Website Quickly

PPC drives instant traffic to your website, landing pages, or gated content. Itis a form of online advertising where advertisers pay a fee whenever an ad is clicked. 

One of the key benefits of PPC is appearing in the top position on search engines. PPC ads will allow you to outrank organic search results but PPC ads will appear with ‘ad’ next to them as shown below.

PPC can deliver results overnight with ads hitting the top spot in as little as a day. Advertisers will require some form of a budget to make PPC worthwhile, but its quick results make it all worth it.

PPC is a quick way to appear on Google for high-intent, related keywords and phrases. Research has shown it allows businesses to increase their brand awareness by 80%.


Full control over budget, timeline, and targeting.

PPC allows business owners or PPC teams to take full control of the budget, timeline and targeting. Initially, it may be scary to put a large amount of money into your PPC budget and you may feel it isn’t cost-effective.

But, control means you have a say over how much budget to put in and cap the daily spend. This means you can avoid over spend.

In PPC you can pause ads, and as a result, your budget. This means that your ads will no longer appear on search engines. Companies may do this seasonally or when changes happen in their industry.

When outsourcing PPC and pausing your ads, you should communicate this to your team, but, you may still incur monthly fees.

For more on working with an outsourced PPC agency, download your free ultimate guide here. 

PPC ads can be further controlled by targeting specific audiences with shared characteristics. You must ensure that your ads are being seen by the right audience and at an appropriate time. 

This is why targeting is so important. Advertisers are able to target through, audience, search, content or a mixture of all three. Advertisers can exclude audiences through specific keywords, and categories, including but not limited to life events, remarketing, location and gender. 

Not all PPC campaigns rely on keywords, Google is constantly developing new ways to streamline paid ads. This includes Dynamic Search Ads which uses organic website content to determine which ads are displayed.


Measurable and trackable performance metrics.

Investing in pay-per-click gives you a measurable, trackable performance metric. Tracking is easy through apps like Google Ads. And, combined with Google Analytics where you can measure performance and track analytics efficiently. 

Send your PPC traffic to dedicated landing pages and use Google Analytics to track conversions. You are then able to view your ad spend, and results driven in consideration of your end goals. 

Stats are available which is something that other marketing channels cannot guarantee. You’ll have access to your results and performance details such as impressions, rate of clicks on your ad and conversions. 

By having access to metrics, you or a PPC company can better improve and streamline your PPC efforts. Often, more than you can in SEO and other marketing efforts. Changes are easy to implement and you can see results each day. Resulting in a quick and efficient process to understand what in your strategy is working and what isn’t.


Increase sales & leads from organic sources with the data from PPC campaigns.

All leads make their way through a sales funnel and all the way to a conversion. A business’s challenge is securing leads at the top of the funnel. PPC can be a major factor in increasing leads, amongst other things. 

PPC FACT: Did you know that PPC can generate twice the number of visitors compared to SEO?

PPC: PPC means quick results that your business can count on. It can make you appear on page one of search engines quickly and place your business in front of potential customers. This places your business at the beginning of the funnel. 

PPC is a digital marketing channel you may consider costly. But you set your budget and investing in digital channels can increase ROI. Other marketing channels do see varied costs, including SEO, paid social, etc.

How to combine data from PPC to inform organic strategy? Well, PPC data can help you understand which landing pages perform the best when clicked on. And, can show which keywords deliver the best, most accurate results for users once the relevant ads are clicked on.

By using this data, you can optimise your landing pages for more suited keywords. PPC can also increase brand recognition if your ad has been viewed previously. If someone sees your website in an organic search, after seeing an ad they may be more likely to click.


Other digital marketing channels that can increase leads:

  • Blog writing: Can generate new leads by posting regular, helpful content which can develop a loyal audience. However, seeing results from blog writing can be costly.
  • Email: You can use popups on your website to sign users up for offers and newsletters for example. Email this list and your established contacts to point them to your site. For more on email marketing check out this blog How Email Marketing Can Increase Brand Loyalty.
  • Social media: Using social media is a great way of creating an audience who can promote and share your business. However, social media organic posts cannot be tailored to different demographics or traits, you can do this with paid ads. For more read Why Social Media Marketing Matters In Business.
  • Organic: SEO strategy is the key organic generator of traffic and awareness in the sales funnel. However, it’s hard to compete with other websites and businesses online. There is a lot that goes into organic SEO, such as content optimisation, and on-page and off-page.

For more on managed PPC services, read this post from ROAR.


Quickly and easily test demand for products or services.

PPC or pay-per-click allows businesses to test demand for new products, or services. You can see the demand by analysing the CTR. Compare this to other ads, products and services pages that have been live much longer. 

You can create a test Google Adwords campaign by creating a test sales page for a product or service. Use a CTA button designed to gather information like an email address. This would provide you with contact, and data on users of the page. This gives you a rough idea and data on who may purchase or enquire about these products or services. 

Still not sold? See our blog on how effective is PPC advertising? The truth.


Targeted advertising that is based on interests, locations, and more.

PPC has ways of targeting audiences to ensure your ad copy is seen by the right people. Audience targeting involves separating your audience into smaller specific groups, based on things like interests and hobbies. This type of data is also commonly known as demographic data. 

A good idea about who your audience is can help develop your PPC campaigns. It ensures that your PPC and marketing strategy matches your audience’s lifestyle and online preferences. This means you can show your ads to audiences who have similar interests, hobbies, locations etc.

Audience targeting should give you a better idea of your buyer’s journey and search behaviour. If you are looking for not necessarily long-term results, PPC is the way to go.



There are many benefits to using PPC, such as increased web traffic and conversion rates. if you’re looking for a dynamic, data-driven PPC strategy with skyrocketing results, check out our PPC Management Services today.



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