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The Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a form of technology which can accurately mirror human capabilities. In today’s blog, ROAR will discuss the benefits of AI in digital marketing.


What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human-like mannerisms, intelligence and thoughts performed by machines, via computer systems. Some more specific examples of applying AI include expert systems, language processing, machine vision and speech recognition.

Artificial intelligence in a marketing sense is a method of elevating customer data and different marketing techniques. This is by using AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey.

This is achieved by using data analytics, machine learning and other processes to gain an insight into your audience. With this data, your business has the opportunity to create more effective customer focussed touch points. Artificial Intelligence eliminates a lot of the guesswork involved in the interactions between businesses and consumers.

In the digital marketing world, Artificial Intelligence can simply streamline and optimise your marketing efforts and campaigns. Despite much of the digital marketing industry remaining dependent on human integrity, there is a lower risk of human error. The AI will be able to generate data and insights completely reliant on data.

There has been a lot of stipulation as to whether AI content ranks in Google Search – Check out Google’s verdict


The pros and cons of AI in digital marketing

Like all aspects of digital marketing strategy, AI has its fair share of pros and cons.


  • Significantly reduces the time for data-heavy tasks.
  • Delivers consistent results from reliable data.
  • AI virtual agents are available constantly.


  • Can be pricey to use.
  • Only knows what it is being directly shown.
  • Requires deep technical expertise with a limited supply of qualified AI tool builders.
  • A lack in the ability to generalise different tasks.

However, the benefits of how AI can assist your digital marketing strategy are pretty amazing.


The benefits of AI in digital marketing

Chatbots: The industry is seeing so many businesses using AI-informed chatbots on their websites to answer customer questions and queries.

This is no surprise as 65% of consumers revealed they feel more comfortable handling an issue without a human agent.

Artificial Intelligence uses natural language processing to perform and create human-like interactions. Natural language processing is the branch of computer science and specifically the branch of AI. These branches provide computers with the ability to understand the text and spoken words in the same ways humans can.

Chatbots are really effective when it comes to digital marketing, especially within social media. They can provide your audience and customers with easy quick customer service. This will help your brand and your customer whilst gathering data on the customers on your behalf.

Additionally, they can assist in the customer journey through the sales funnel.

This is by asking the right questions to help your customers find the products they are searching for.


Content creation: AI can be used to inform a wide range of content creation strategies. In 2022 artificial intelligence tools are not hard to come by when creating content for your business.

A range of tools is available which can assist with correcting the grammar and rephrasing of a blog or website copy. Furthermore, there is a variety of image creation, blog writing and video production tools out there.

If you are a smaller team and don’t have as many hands, these tools can significantly increase time efficiency.

Content creation is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. Content marketing generates brand awareness and can even lead to customer leads from your online content.

The content you create should be relevant and tailored to answering your audience’s questions and queries. This is in order to; build trust, develop relationships, improve conversions and generate leads.


Targeted content:  AI uses its technology to target your messages to the right people. More specifically, targeting the people who would be interested in your product or service.

AI is constantly gathering data on users browsing history to determine behaviour patterns and ensure they see your ad. This results in a more targeted ad experience online.

 AI has the unusual ability to predict what a user might buy or where they might go next online. This is by tracking your previous browsing habits.

Using artificial intelligence for target ads can promote your product or service. It has the ability to be directly in front of the people who are most likely to want it.


benefits of AI in digital marketing


AI for image and object detection: Artificial intelligence has become the norm in our everyday technology use as consumers. However, marketers are learning and adapting to the benefits of artificial intelligence!

Image and object detection is a wide spreading AI tool assisting marketers in various aspects of their marketing. Social media developments like AI-informed machinery to recognise logo branding in images allow brands to easily find conversations surrounding their brand and join in.



AI software can also be used to analyse and track images viewed by a user. This is by classifying the imagery and then looking further to detect the objects in the images.

The software will then assign each user to a category or audience segment allowing marketers and advertisers to use this data to inform targeted campaigns. Hopefully resulting in more conversions from visuals in ads.

At ROAR, we offer digital marketing consultancy services. We can provide a fresh pair of eyes on your online brand to assist you in further developing your strategy.

Get in touch today to discuss this further with a senior member of our team.



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