Securing A Google Ads Grant As A Nonprofit

Securing A Google Ads Grant As A Nonprofit

Google Ads are one of the most utilised digital marketing strategies available for businesses. With over 63% of the population estimated to have clicked on a Google Ad, it’s certainly an avenue to consider for nonprofit organisations.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising programme which places ‘paid advertisements’ on search engines and other partner websites and apps online to promote products, services and messages. Having a Google Ads account is designed to support businesses, organisations and marketers to reach, and build relationships with billions of users online. It is designed to target individuals searching for services and answer with a relevant service or product – this would be your business.

In the beginning, Google launched Google Ad Words, but the world has changed and developed. Nowadays, online users find themselves switching between online games, shopping for products, browsing and other online activities daily, most notably on mobile. With the shift towards mobile browsing and other industry developments, Google launched Google Ads to replace Google Ad Words.

Advertising in the online space has evolved from simply helping businesses connect with people on search engines like Google to assisting and supporting them with connecting to users throughout every single step of the sales funnel. This is done through text advertisements, video, display ads, sponsored content and more. Businesses nowadays are inundated with endless opportunities to target their ideal customer online.

For the everyday marketer, even this, at times, can be overwhelming, So for non-profit organisations taking on an online advertising challenge can seem like a gigantic mountain to climb. In this blog, we offer you a guide to Google Ads Grants.


What is a Google Ads Grant?

A Google Ads Grant is a programme designed to support non-profit, charitable organisations. The grants will provide the organisations with free Google Ads spend to broadcast their public service messaging on a larger scale to maximise its impact globally.

Many organisations and nonprofits find that utilising a Google Ads Grant allows them to quickly, more efficiently rewatch their goals.

Examples of goals for a non-profit organisation include:

  • Website sales and/or donations.
  • Volunteer sign-ups.
  • Service bookings
  • Increase the click-through rate and traffic to your website.


What Qualifies as a ‘Nonprofit’ Business

Not all non-profit organisations qualify under the Google Ads Grant guidelines. Check out the details of Google’s eligibility requirements on their support page.

To be eligible for a Google Nonprofits account, your organisation must:

  • Be registered in an eligible country. Additionally, your organisation must be a verified nonprofit organisation.

Google’s validation partners, Percent and TechSoup, will verify each organisation for Google Nonprofits. They support a long list of countries; click to find out which countries Percent and TechSoup support in this process.

  • Meet the individual requirements of the country the organisation is based in. The requirements of each country can be reviewed at the bottom of this support response.
  • Each organisation should agree to the Google for Nonprofits Additional Terms of Service.


It’s crucial to note that your organisation is not eligible for Google Ads Nonprofit Grants if:

  • It is a government entity or organisation.
  • It is a hospital or a healthcare organisation – although charitable foundations and arms that are associated with healthcare organisations will be eligible.
  • Is a school, educational establishment or academic institution – charitable arms of educational organisations will be eligible.

Check out Google for Education to get the full scope.


Setting up a Nonprofit Google Ad Grant Account

Once you have established yourself as an eligible organisation for Google Ads Nonprofit, it’s pretty easy to get your account set up and running.

Step 1: Register your nonprofit with TechSoup or Percent and secure your official validation token.

Step 2: Register for Google for Nonprofits and confirm you agree to the non-discrimination statements and fill in your validation token, contact information and organisational information required.

Step 3: After being accepted as a Google nonprofit, you can apply for Google Ads Grants. This process entails signing into your Google Nonprofit account and clicking the ‘activate’ under Google Ad Grants. Follow this by filling out the eligibility form, and click activate once more after completing the required assessment to officially submit your account to Google for review.

Step 4: This step lies in the hands of Google. They will now review your account and, within 3 days, send a response with further instructions.

Step 5: With Google’s approval, start setting up your grant.


How Much Can You Receive from a Google Ads Grant?

In the UK, nonprofit organisations can claim a staggering £7,000 a month in Google Ads Grant credit. This amount is used within paid advertising campaigns to broadcast messaging from organisations. It works the same way a regular Google Ads PPC campaign would, with the CPC deducted from the total grant amount.


How to Maximise Your Google Ads Grant

There are a few ways to ensure you are maximising your Google Ads Grant. It’s an opportunity worth taking.


Here are some tips from ROAR:

Perform audience research.

Knowing your audience provides information that can better inform your targeting variables when launching your ads campaigns. Perform in-depth keyword research into the search terms that your audience is already using online. Be sure to target these to see your ads appear when searched online.


Write creative ad copy.

Ensure that your ad copy is persuasive, easy to understand and relates directly to the problems, pain points or gains your audience is looking for online to persuade them to take action.


Make your website accessible.

Securing those desired clicks onto your website is pointless if your site is confusing, messy and hard to use. Ensure that there is clear direction on your website and that anyone can use it easily. Consider those with disabilities and create a website that is accessible to all.


Perform tests

Using different ad copy, titles, displays, and types of the overall campaign can help narrow down what formats and language work best. This is crucial, as it can inform future campaigns to reap much better rewards.


Support from ROAR with Google Ads

There is no doubt that paid advertising has a unique ability to accurately target audiences and increase online traffic. At ROAR, we specialise in paid search ads that are fully trackable and easy to measure. We provide transparent, automated reports which allow your business to monitor progress and be assured ROAR is performing for your business.

Our team of specialists can even assist with the set-up and implementation of your Google Ads Grant-supported pay-per-click advertisements. We also offer a non-profitable organisation discount for our managed PPC services.

Through our PPC Management Services, ROAR will dive straight into the mind of your ideal customer. We will quickly research and establish the keywords they are using and implement them into intelligent, results-driven ad copy. We manage your ad campaigns from start to finish. We will research, review and revisit your ad campaign to maximise results for your business.

By partnering with ROAR, recent clients have seen significant improvement in their paid search channels. A client saw an increase of 720.00% in conversion rate due to effective management and testing on the client account.



Speak to our team of PPC specialists today for dynamic, captivating paid search advertisements designed solely to increase your website engagement. Make waves online with ROAR.


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