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Google’s Page Experience Explained in 140 Characters

Here we go again; the Google gods have spoken, and a new algorithm for desktop search is rolling out this month and next.


Algorithm Update Confirmed.

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Well, we were warned in November 2021 when Google rolled out the Page Experience update for mobile devices. Now, the same algorithm update is coming for desktop search.

According to the Google Search Central blog, the rollout began yesterday (22nd Feb 2022) and is expected to be fully implemented by the end of March 2022.

Google doesn’t mess around; here it is, right on time!


Google’s Page Experience – what does it mean for desktop search?

The newest Google algorithm update extends last year’s previously mentioned mobile device search results update. Still, the nitty-gritty details remain mostly the same.

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So, as you can probably tell, the ranking factor ‘mobile friendliness’ will not affect the desktop search update.
Here’s what Google has to say about the launch of their update:

“This ranking launch will be based on the same page experience signals that we rolled out for mobile earlier this year. We are also planning to help site owners understand how their desktop pages are performing with regards to page experience using a Search Console report which will launch before desktop becomes a ranking signal.” 


Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

‘New website ranking factors not previously assessed for your website in desktop search results will now be measured by Google.’ That’s essentially what’s happening in the coming month and a bit.

We appreciate that this may simultaneously answer one of your questions and raise more. So, for the curious, we’re going to delve a little deeper.


What does this mean for you?

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We can always assume or predict a lot from this Google’s latest algorithm updates, so we will focus on what is most likely:

1. Suppose your site is currently mobile-friendly, meaning it performs well on mobile devices. In that case, you might not be affected by the update too drastically.

2. If your site is unfriendly for mobile devices but is optimised for desktop users, in that case, you could potentially see an increase in desktop search traffic and performance.

3. Decreasing desktop search performance. Meaning an increase in bounce rate, exit rate or reduction of monthly traffic in the next month, means you need to adapt to the changes.

4. A new toy to play within Search Console! Google has released a new report dedicated to their Page Experience update. Use this report to evaluate your desktop site; it will come in handy even if your site is tip top.

5. All in all, It means one or two things! You will either have a jolly old time, or you’ve got some work to do!


How to prepare and monitor the changes.

So, as stated, you will probably be using a range of Google services to check this. The new Google search console page likely being the best place to prepare. Create a checklist of the ranking factors for Desktop searches, go through your site, and ensure that these criteria are met.

To monitor the changes over the next month, our advice would be to combine your chosen analytics tool and Google Analytics. Set up Analytics alerts for drastic changes in your traffic behaviour. Need some help with that? Google has you covered!

We also advise you not to view this as a priority numero uno! Don’t go rushing to fix this; take your time and prepare, monitor, then, if necessary, implement the changes to suit the algorithm update.



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