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ROAR Wins Data Driven Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2021


Launched in 2014, Corporate Vision Magazine has earned countless plaudits for its mission to support and guide better business practices, and its awards ceremony acknowledges brands who have excelled within their field.

When we set up the agency six years ago, we were intent on doing things differently. Whilst many individuals and agencies are doing great work for clients, across the industry we’d found too much inconsistency combined with a cloak-and-dagger approach.

There was a lot of industry jargon being used, with clients being blinded by science. And there’s still a tendency for many digital marketers to take a ‘them-and-us’ approach to client relationships, as opposed to working on the same side, and from the same perspective.

Our philosophy is in our name – Real Opportunities, Actual Results. We took a look at the industry and figured things could be done better, by focusing on openness, education and client relationships. Once clients understand exactly what needs to be done, we can move forward together and build results for the long term. And using data as a driving force is key to this approach.


Why the data focus?

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Put 10 digital marketers in a room together and they’ll all have different opinions. They’ll be speaking from their own experience, combined with their education, training and industry research. You could have 10 great ideas for a client campaign in that room, but which one to choose?

Just going for the one which sounds the best is no guarantee of success. As a data driven digital marketing agency, we know that data doesn’t lie. Although industry experience and training have a hugely important place when it comes to getting results, basing campaigns on cold, hard facts gives the very best foundation for success, and removes any unconscious bias.

Simple, right?


How data driven marketing benefits our clients and their customers

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It allows us to build relationships 

Build relationships iconAlongside human contact, looking at data enables us to get to know our clients FAST. We can see what’s currently working for them, what’s failing, and where improvements need to be made. Combine our data analysis with a client’s inside-industry knowledge and we have the basis of a winning team.

Likewise, data enables us to help brands build better relationships with their customers. We can look at customer behaviour and analyse how they browse and spend, using this information to improve the customer experience, retention levels and sales figures.


Logical data driven digital marketing agency

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If a client ever wants to know why we’ve suggested a certain tactic in one of our campaigns, we can instantly explain it. We’ll have the data to prove why a certain tactic is the best way forward – nothing is based on a hunch.

This approach enables us to build unique and lasting relationships with all of our clients. Everyone can see what’s going on, and everyone is on the same page. As a result, we’re as close to our clients as an in-house team – minus the sharing of office space and biscuits!


We can adapt in real-time

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The modern business world moves almost as fast as the speed of light. With our finger on the data pulse, we can analyse results as they happen and make changes before problems grow into something unmanageable.

If you like the sound of an open playing field, minus fluff, jargon and the usual hard-sell pitches get in touch with our team today and we’ll show you the difference a data-driven approach can make to your business.


Are you interested in data-driven marketing with tangible results? We’re the agency for you, take a look at the digital marketing services that we offer.

Alternatively, call us on 0191 259 47 37 or drop us a message via our contact us page today.


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