Why Use PPC Advertising (Unlock Greater Performance)

Why Use PPC Advertising (Unlock Greater Performance)

Are you one of many business owners hoping to increase your return on investment (ROI) this year? You’re not alone, business owners across the globe are investing in digital marketing channels like SEO, Email Marketing and Content Creation.

But, are you aware of the powerful results PPC Marketing can create? In this blog why use PPC advertising (Unlock Greater Performance), learn how pay-per-click advertising can reap online rewards.

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Why Use PPC Advertising? 


Consistent Results

PPC can generate consistent results, but this can take time and effort. PPC may result in your website being seen, but for consistent results, you need to put effort and time into getting your ad campaigns perfect. 

You should collect data on which messages, images, keywords or overall targeting strategies are the most effective. This will allow you to further develop your campaign and streamline your ads towards better results from your target audiences. 


Quick Results

One of the most attractive qualities of pay-per-click advertising is the quick results. After you have performed tasks like keyword research, ad copywriting, ad creation, optimisation, tracking and set up your ads are ready to go. Turn the ads on and they will start appearing in the ad cycle for relevant keywords that you have bid on.

To find relevant keywords worth targeting, you can use Google Ads Keywords Planner and Search Terms Report. Your search ads will appear for terms that are relevant and won’t appear for negative keywords. 

To further understand negative keywords check out our previous blog post – What are negative keywords in PPC?


Increase Revenue

63% OF USERS HAVE CLICKED ON A GOOGLE AD, Why Use PPC Advertising (Unlock Greater Performance)

Many online users are attracted to ads, 63% of people have clicked on a Google Ad at some point.

It may have crossed your mind, are PPC, paid social and Google Ads the same thing? Google Ads is Google’s answer to PPC allowing businesses to bid on different keywords to appear on Google Search. Paid social media, similarly to PPC paid social targets users on social media platforms. They can be targeted based on demographics, interest in topics, or other data gathered by the platform.

By increasing website traffic with PPC, you are inviting users to take an action on your website. Keep in mind that you will only pay an advertising fee, whenever your ad is clicked on. Every time someone clicks through to your website or landing page it is an opportunity to persuade them to convert. 

Conversions come in different forms such as form completions, calls, purchases and enquiries. Not all clicks hold the same significance, like leads. Different leads can have different worth and some may be more valuable than others. 

Say, for example, you have placed a bid on a relevant key term for £50 per click. The ad user visits your website through an ad and spends £55 on your website. This means you have only generated a £5 profit. For some businesses, this may not be worth the time and money PPC requires. 

To combat this, pay significant attention to conversion rate data as well as your audience insights. Make note of the most effective keywords, leads and other data to see which leads to the most valuable conversions. Doing so will boost your return on ad spend (ROAS) and result in better all round online performance.

For more, be sure to check out our blog on what are the benefits of PPC?


Budget Control 

Unlike SEO, PPC can be done on a stricter more consistent budget. How much goes into your PPC campaign is totally up to you, not taking into account any fees for an outsourced team of PPC pros. Consider CPC (cost per click) and the most relevant keywords in order to not waste your budget on pointless clicks. There are some methods you can use to reduce your cost per click and help to reduce ad cost. Make sure to use keyword research tools to keep on top of the most effective keywords to maximise your ad budget. 

Budget tip: Make sure you make your budget and any changes completely clear within the team and communicate any changes. Digital advertising is said to account for over 60% of marketing budgets in 2023. 


Improve SEO Performance

Investing in online advertising won’t directly affect your SEO and how you rank organically on a search engine results page (SERP). However, PPC presents the opportunity to display ads to potential customers who search for products or services similar to yours. 

When you implement PPC ads, your business can occupy more territory in search engines. Hopefully, your SEO is up to scratch and you rank organically for the same search terms as PPC. In this case, if someone scrolls past the ads at the top (which 94% are likely to do), they’ll see your business pop up in the organic search too. This not only gives your business double the exposure, but it also etsbalishes you as an authroitve, dominator of search results. 

SEO takes a little bit more time to kick in, and although you may have conducted some keyword research, it can be difficult at first to pinpoint traffic-increasing keywords. However, with PPC, results are almost immediate. You can see both the most and least effective keywords to further tailor your SEO and PPC. 



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