Unwrap Successful SEO for Christmas with ROAR

Unwrap Successful SEO for Christmas with ROAR

The festive season is just around the corner again! Suppose you’re like many other digital marketers. In that case, SEO might not have been high on the priority list for 2023, and you might not be expecting much from your SEO for Christmas.

But, fret not; while you may not be able to reap all of the benefits of successful SEO in time for this Christmas season, here are some quick wins and some of the best methods to get started before your ring in the new year.


Maximise Your Christmas Strategy 

Implementing effective SEO strategies that provide fruitful results can be a lot like opening Christmas presents all year round.

I know Christmas more than once a year is a dreadful thought to many people, and yes, sometimes SEO doesn’t go to plan. It can be like when you wanted a puppy for Christmas but got Marley and Me on DVD instead.

So, in this light let’s cover how you can maximise your SEO strategy over Christmas!


SEO Stocking Stuffers

There’s still something to be said about SEO basics, and whilst the foundation of SEO changes depending on who you ask, the basic principles still ring true.

Think of SEO basics as stocking stuffers; while they may not be the big presents, it wouldn’t be the same without them. That goes for the three types of SEO as well, it is always a great foundation to come back to.


Keyword Research 

Search volume and search habits change, especially over the Christmas period. Keywords that once had hundreds of average searches decline and festive keywords take that volume. So, where you could once benefit from higher rankings for certain non-festive keywords it’s important to refresh your keyword metrics around this time of year and make up for any potential traffic loss and gain higher online visibility.

Also, ensure you have evergreen holiday-themed SEO content that you can update year-round to pull that traffic.

If you’re still new to keyword research, why not take the time to learn how to master your keyword marketing strategy with ROAR.


On-page Optimisation

The importance of a well-optimised website is a constant if you want to improve SEO ranking. If you’re going to target holiday-themed keywords, then your content needs to be relevant to the keyword you are optimising for.

This means you need to tailor your on-page content, get festive and meet the same search tone. While off-page SEO plays its part this time of year, successful SEO for Christmas will rely heavily on your on-page optimisation.


Meta Information

Along the same lines as on-page, you must ensure your meta information is all festive to ensure you convert and captivate good-quality traffic.

If you’re targeting a seasonal keyword, tailor your meta title to appeal to the user. Make sure your meta description includes a festive twist and, again, appeals to the user who is making the seasonal search query.


Decorate Your Christmas Content Tree

One of the most effective ways to benefit from SEO during the holiday season is to create helpful festive content that can be re-optimised year-round. Ranking well for these keywords year-round provides a spike in traffic during a period when your regular keywords might not be as effective.

You can start this by conducting industry or brand-related festive keyword research and creating an SEO content strategy to take full advantage of this organic search market space.

One of the quickest and SEO-driven ways to create an SEO content strategy quickly would be with our SEO Bomb®. Take a look at our SEO Bomb® page to find out more about this one-of-a-kind topic cluster model.

If this seems a bit overwhelming, no worries! ROAR has your back with top-notch SEO services to make things easier for you.

Click here to download our comprehensive guide to working with an SEO agency and discover how outsourcing a team of specialists translates into dominating search engine rankings.


Hang the Link Building Lights Out

As we’ve previously mentioned, off-page SEO does play a part in SEO for Christmas. As you ramp up your marketing for the season your site begins to attract attention from all areas of the internet. So, we’re suggesting that you explore your backlink profile and remove toxic backlinks. In our experience a robust backlink profile and up-to-date disavow list is essential to maintaining a quality website in the eyes of search engines.

Consider also adding in ethical and organic link building, no paid for links that completely hinder and penalise your website. Start looking at HARO Outreach so you can start sharing tips and insights online for a quality backlink in return.


Serve up a Feast of Helpful Content

Going from your SEO stocking stuffers straight to Christmas dinner! High quality content over the Christmas season can be a fruitful source of organic traffic. So long as you target the right audience and keywords.

Most search engines, especially Google, prioritise genuinely helpful content instead of keyword-stuffed, over-optimised nonsense. See the post about the Google helpful content update for more information.

You have a unique opportunity to answer some genuine questions from your potential customers. Whether it’s something as simple as fulfilling a brand-related query or answering a broader question that could lead to a potential sale, tailor your content to match the seasonal search trend for your industry.


Jingle all the Way with Technical Optimisation

There’s a continuing rise in the different ways in which people visit websites. Whether it’s mobile, tablet or from foldable devices, you need to make sure that your website is hot shit from a technical standpoint.

Conduct an SEO audit for your site and go to town! Make sure that every user experiences a quality website from wherever they visit and however they visit.


Key Takeaways

  • Acknowledge that SEO, like Christmas presents, may not always go as planned, but there are ways to enhance your SEO strategy during the holiday season.
  • Implement effective SEO strategies as a year-round gift for your website’s success.
  • Emphasise the importance of SEO basics as foundational elements for success.
  • Highlight the dynamic nature of search habits during the Christmas period.
  • Advocate for tailoring on-page content to match the festive tone of holiday-themed keywords
  • Recommend tailoring meta titles and descriptions to appeal to users making seasonal search queries.
  • Encourage the creation of helpful festive content that can be re-optimized year-round.
  • Acknowledge the role of off-page SEO in holiday marketing efforts.
  • Emphasise the importance of high-quality, genuinely helpful content over the Christmas season.
  • Stress the importance of technical optimization for various devices.



See the power of SEO firsthand. Request a free SEO audit from our team and uncover the hidden opportunities to improve your search engine rankings.


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