Tips for Choosing A Search Engine Marketing Consultancy

Tips for Choosing A Search Engine Marketing Consultancy

Your team deserve search engine marketing consultancy that’s right for your business. But, between agencies and freelancers, you’ve got so many options to choose from.

What is Consultancy?

Consultancy refers to giving specialist advice on a particular subject for the benefit of a specific person or business.

In search engine marketing, it means receiving high-quality advice from a specialist on improving your business.


Why you need search engine marketing consultancy

Search engine marketing covers a range of marketing methods that all come with their own best practices, tools, and challenges. Google processes over 88.1 billion visits a month, so a lack of SEM focus means you’re missing out – big style.

Google processes upwards of 88.1 billion visits a month

To remain cost-effective, it’s easy to see why you’d try and keep search engine marketing as part of the in-house team. However, it can become too much to handle with so much to cover and have eyes on.

Adding an external consultant lets you see your strategy and processes from someone outside the business. This means pain points will be easier to see, and straightforward solutions will come from a specialist in the area.

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Choosing the Right Search Engine Marketing Consultancy

There are 4 key factors you should be looking for when choosing your search engine marketing consultancy. This is to ensure they’re the right fit for your marketing team and your company.


Understand the business and its goals.

Each business has its own team dynamic, aims and objectives, and yours is no different.

With search engine marketing consultancy, your consultant is an external extension of your team. Although they won’t be a part of your business daily, you want them to compliment your team positively. The aim is to build a solid working relationship with first and third-party members of your team.

Your consultant should be working towards your business goals and objectives. They should gauge an understanding to help harness your marketing strategy and search marketing efforts to assist in reaching those goals.


Case Studies 

Case studies shouldn’t be hard to come by these days from an agency or a freelancer.

*If they do, major red flag from the offset.*

Case Studies can give you an insight into other clients’ success (hopefully) after working with the consultant. Some consultants may be able to offer you a case study related to your industry or a business like yours. Otherwise, they should be able to offer you a general case study or testimonial from a previous client.



Regarding search engine marketing, there are so many platform options for you to use. Whether it’s SEO or PPC (pay-per-click advertising), you can choose from a whole host of platforms.

When choosing your consultancy, it could be worth asking if they specialise in any platforms. Agencies often have their processes set in stone, so they have skills tailored to the platforms they use internally.


Break it down

By choosing SEM consultancy, you’ve made it clear that you aren’t a specialist. Your consultant should be able to break things down to any level of marketing knowledge.

This is even more important for teams with juniors to help aid their learning and development in simple terms. This helps you break down technical information into manageable chunks for any level of expertise.



That’s our top tips for choosing the right search engine marketing consultancy for your business! If you’re on the hunt for a reliable agency to lend a helping hand, speak to ROAR.


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