How to Improve SEO Ranking with our SEO Bomb®

The SEO Bomb® is a unique service offered by ROAR Digital Marketing to improve SEO ranking by tailoring your written content.




What is the SEO Bomb®?

The SEO Bomb® is a unique, innovative service offered by ROAR Digital Marketing to boost SERP rankings with your audience in mind.

The SEO Bomb® was designed by our Google Specialist using the APIs of the world’s leading research and development tools and is designed for businesses who want to take their SEO to new heights.  

We are fully aware that other major digital marketing companies offer a somewhat one size fits all type of strategy, but at ROAR, we believe in tailoring your SEO development to your brand, industry and content. 

As part of your SEO Bomb®, we will develop tailored SEO topic clusters based on recommended pillar content or your already established landing pages. This results in a Google and other search engine boost for the high-intent key terms that matter.

The SEO Bomb has received both local and national recognition, shortlisted for 2 awards in 2022. The Digital City Awards 2022 and the North Tyneside Business Awards 2022 for Innovation of the Year and Diversification.

How it’s used to improve SEO ranking


Really? How?


Following an enormous amount of research, our artificial intelligence creates clusters of well thought content structures connected by a broader topic. 

It is a data-driven approach that allows our clients to develop an authority through the content they are offering. All whilst allowing search engine users and search engine gods to fully understand your business’s website and rank it on SERPs accordingly. 

If you’re wondering what content clusters are and why your business needs them content clusters or topic clusters are a form of an SEO strategy. They optimise the structure of a website.  It will organise internal links between web pages based on website pillars or cluster pages. 

By organising content like this, Google and other search engines can establish a relationship or link between different pieces of content or pages on your site quickly and efficiently.

You are offering Google original and creative thought leadership by producing content surrounding the web pages pillar topic. This can increase a website’s online authority and skyrocket your website as a brand with expertise and knowledge users search for. 

This allows brands to build brand authority around various topics instead of just keywords, ultimately resulting in increased search visibility and a range of other website benefits.

For more content clusters, look at our post on How to create content clusters for SEO like a PRO. 

With ROARs SEO Bomb®, you will pick a broad topic which will act as your pillar content topic. 

We then gather the content topics supported by in-depth keyword research. These will be presented to you to begin creating blog posts and content that makes a difference. 

If producing content isn’t for you, our team of writers at ROAR can take care of the writing work for you!


Why you should use it – from our clients.

Our SEO Bomb® has seen incredible results for a variety of clients across the globe and has been known to improve SEO ranking and organic traffic for a variety of clients.

Hear from one of our clients Sarah Donnelly, Marketing Director at Tritility

“I’ve worked with other SEO agencies in the past, and they tended to provide a list of topics and keywords. ROAR offers a detailed plan of action and a breakdown of its methodology. 

“Their SEO bomb® suggests topics, sub-topics and guidelines on writing style and structure. This is far more than anything I’ve received working with other agencies. Their reporting is also fantastic.

“I would recommend [ROARs SEO Bomb®]  to any business looking to improve their search rankings. 

“Whether you’re some way down the line in your SEO journey or just starting to think about it, Roar’s expert guidance will help you to achieve your goals.”


How to purchase the SEO Bomb® 


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We are currently hosting a competition over on the ROAD Digital Marketing LinkedIn to win a FREE SEO Bomb® worth £500 so check that out! The competition closes on September 30th.

If you’re not lucky enough to win on this occasion, you can purchase the SEO Bomb® in 3 different ways:

  • A single bomb – for £500.
  • The Cluster – £475 per bomb, including 4 SEO Bombs® provided quarterly.
  • The Blockbuster – £425 per bomb, including 12 SEO Bombs® provided monthly.

Find out more about the SEO Bomb including plans here.

We offer free demonstrations for using the SEO Bomb®, which you can schedule free here.

After hearing from both ROAR and our clients how our SEO Bomb® presents unique opportunities and boosts digital authority,

Can you really afford NOT to use it?



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