Search Engine Marketing Services Drive Traffic and Sales

Search Engine Marketing Services: Drive Traffic and Sales

Calling all business owners and marketing teams! Search engine marketing is constantly rising as the fight for online authority grows. According to Market Source, 42% of businesses outsource their marketing services. In this blog, ROAR will detail how your business can drive traffic and sales with search engine marketing services. 

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing consists of strategic digital marketing techniques targeting a business’s appearance and authority on search engines. This is done through targeted and researched PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns and organic SEO (search engine optimisation) campaigns.


What is a PPC Advertising Campaign?

A PPC advertising campaign uses strategic audience targeting to increase website traffic by placing your website. A PPC campaign involves studying your target audience’s online search behaviours. Then the campaign bids for the top advertisement spot on search engines like Google for selected key search terms.

While SEO works on increasing your organic online rankings, PPC is far more instantaneous. It places your business in front of potential customers with little time required.


What is an Organic SEO Campaign? 

An organic SEO campaign focuses on organic tactics and ranking factors to better optimise your website and content. Best SEO practices involve multiple factors, most notably on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

Let’s break all 3 of them down:

On-page SEO -This optimisation practice covers all of the SEO tactics that you control on your website. This is to signal to search engines how they can rank your content. It includes website content, title tags, keyword optimisation, URLs, internal links etc. 

Off-page SEO – This form of optimisation is the actions that are taken and created off your website. This covers things like backlinks. 

Technical SEO – This covers activities directly impacting how search engine bots crawl and index your website. It takes into account speed, data, UX and more.

The 3 types of SEO

Organic SEO campaigns focus on improving your website’s organic ranking by focusing on optimisation. This means better optimising your website based on key SEO metrics.

To understand if working with an SEO agency is right for you, read our blog here. 


How Outsourcing Search Engine Marketing Services Can Drive Traffic and Sales

Now we better understand how a PPC and SEO campaign work and what they aim to achieve. Let’s dive deep into how these two key search engine marketing services can drive both traffic and sales.  

A PPC advertising campaign is a strategy known for increasing website traffic instantaneously. PPC can generate a 300% increase in traffic to a website. This is done by your ads biding to appear for a relevant search query at the top of search engines.

This is critical, according to extensive research on Google search behaviour. It was found that only 0.63% of people click on the second page of Google search results. 

So, how does PPC form a solid search engine marketing strategy that drives traffic and sales? 

Well, partnered with SEO, the possibilities are endless. SEO forms the organic cog of the SEM campaign machine. It creates opportunities for your business and website pages to rank on the first page of SERPs.

Picture this; you’ve just written an article that has all the key elements of webpage SEO:

  • Keyword Optimised.
  • Meta Description, which is optimised. 
  • Visual content optimised via Alt Text.
  • A good internal linking structure.
  • Outbound links to authoritative sources. 

And you can see it’s performing well; it’s making its way up the search engine results pages (SERPs) comfortably.

For more, make sure to check out our blog, ‘maximising your online reach: the benefits of SEM services’.

Imagine you’ve made it to the first page and, better yet, the top organic search result. However, you also occupy the first paid result on search engines for the search term. That’s two opportunities to convince your target audience to click through to your landing page or website.

This shows your visibility and makes the search user see you twice. This can increase brand recognisability and even tip them over the consideration stage of the sales funnel. 

A jump over the sales funnel can lead to an increase in conversions and sales. 

Our specialist team can offer you a tailor-made search engine marketing campaign that is completely results driven. Get in touch with our team today!



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