How to Plan Your New Year Marketing Campaigns Early!

Get ahead of your competitors with your new year marketing campaigns. It’s important to avoid the doldrum that can often come in January, not just for your business but for your clients and customers too.

New year marketing campaigns can be incredibly is beneficial for many businesses, so much more so than you might expect. Most people assume that the spending slows after Christmas, and while that might be the case with some people or industry sectors, there are still those digging deep into their pockets.

You have to remember that customers will make resolutions and their Christmas cash to make further purchases. This can be well after the holidays, lasting long into January, and further into the new year.

Historically, the first month of the new year can see a drop in online sales in many industries. This can be remedied with a well-planned and researched marketing campaign in many circumstances. Planning new year marketing campaigns can help to reverse the reputation of the dreaded month of January!


When to start planning and implementing your new year marketing.

It’s never too early to start really, or at least it’s never too early to start planning your campaigns and developing some initial ideas.

Sometimes planning your campaigns in tandem with your Christmas campaigns can be incredibly beneficial. It can provide insights into what you want to promote after Christmas, which products are selling well or which ads are performing the best.

When we say it’s never too early to start, we also mean implementing the campaign. We’re talking December 29th, 30th and 31st, and straight after Christmas. You want to give people enough time to celebrate the holidays but get right back on track soon after the festivities have finished.


Why you should implement new year marketing campaigns.

Picture this; you’ve eaten too much, had ‘fairy tale of New York’ on at least 10 times in the same day and that bottle of baileys you swore you’d leave for next year is nearly empty. I don’t know about you, but I’d be ready for something refreshing, something a little different.

Take this approach in your new year campaigns; your customers will be ready for a change after a season of stress and overindulgence. Start thinking of some new year marketing ideas that will give off a refreshing and hopeful tone, something you could implement into your new year marketing plan.

Of course, not all of your audience may be ready for the holidays to be over but a great deal will. This group within your target audience will feel motivated by their resolutions or the welcoming of a new year. So, if your product can benefit your customers with their goals and aspirations in the new year, you must implement new year marketing campaigns and messages accordingly.


Here are some new year marketing ideas!

So, by this point, I imagine you’re raring to get your new year marketing plan sorted and ready to implement. But if you’re struggling with some ideas, we want to help get you started. Here are some of the most effective and heavily utilised new year marketing strategies.


1. New year email marketing

Emailing Graphic

There are a few things you can do with your email marketing in the new year. If you already have subscribers to your email marketing campaigns, wish them a happy new year! It’s personal, polite and will help enforce brand recognition and build that oh so important brand loyalty. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and your subscribers will see the effort you put into your content.

Part of your new year campaign should be narrowing down which of your products or services is most likely to help your customers keep or support their resolutions. Promote these products in your email marketing and pair them with offers and discounts that will guide them to easy conversions.


2. Launch your new products

Rocket Launch Graphic

Now is an excellent time to either hint at or directly promote new and upcoming products from your business. Your customers will see this as your company buying into the theme of the new year, new year new amazing products for our customers!

For the most effective launch of new products or services, start hinting about your new products in December, then hammer it home after the new year. Highlight what makes this new product so exciting and unique.


3. Engage on social media

Social Media Engagement Graphic

Hate it or love it, social media can be a great tool in the marketer’s arsenal. Especially around the new year and the holidays, as your customers will respond to fun or interesting posts as they begin to wind down for a hard-earned break.

Use social media to get your followers and potential customers excited about your brand for 2022. We’re talking about polls, advertising virtual parties, funny videos, employee engagement, jokes, photos of the office, get as creative as possible with it. I always enjoy a sneak peek behind the scenes of an organisation; whether that be a Christmas jumper competition or company photo, it’s nice to show a friendly face to an often-faceless organisation.

Here are a few excellent examples of brands engaging with their audience on social media, a little inspiration for you!


4. Reflect on the new year

New Year Celebrations Graphic

It sounds simple enough but a lot of people will neglect this every year because of the often-staggering amount of data you might have to wade through. That data holds valuable insight into your customers and how they have converted or engaged.

This new year we encourage you to consider new methods of user acquisition. The data from your website is incredibly valuable; more visitors coming from organic channels than you thought? Time to maximize your SEO management! Or do you gain a significant amount of traffic through backlinks? Time for an improved backlink strategy!


All in all

To put it as bluntly as possible, you will miss out on sales if you hesitate this new year. We preach a data-driven approach focusing on your customer’s intent in all marketing campaigns, and the data doesn’t lie! Take this opportunity to start the new year off right, increase your sales, get new products launched with a boost and get closer with your customers than ever before.

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