my time at roar - Georgia Smith

My time at ROAR Digital Marketing – Georgia Smith


  • When did you join ROAR?

July 11th 2022

  • What is your role?

Junior Digital Marketing Executive

  • What’s a typical day in life at work for you?

A typical day may focus on social media content in the morning, either scheduling posts or editing the YouTube video content. And after lunch, I’ll either write a blog or, towards the end of the week, dive into some training.

  • What do you think of the team at ROAR?

The team’s great! Coming from somewhere with no background knowledge of the industry, working with clients, networking. Taking the leap into tasks can be quite daunting, but the team have always made it feel relatively easy.



Hi, I’m Georgia, a Digital Marketing Executive here at ROAR and here’s what I’ve learnt in my first year with ROAR. 

From Sixth Form to ROAR HQ 


When choosing Maths, Chemistry and Business for A-levels in September 2020, I hadn’t quite anticipated that university wouldn’t be my route.

As my exams rapidly approached and the university offers had come in already, it dawned on me that I had sleepwalked into uni applications and only then did I really assess what I wanted after I left school. 

After a lot of research and conversations with a family friend in the industry, I decided to bring the end goal forward and apply for roles in digital marketing fresh from sixth form. With this logic, I searched tirelessly for agencies that I wanted to work with, and ROAR was top of the list.

I wrote a cover letter telling ROAR why they needed me (bold for someone entirely inexperienced), attached my CV and sent the email. After some phone calls and a brief hiatus while I figured out if a search agency was for me, I met with MD Michael in April, hoping ROAR had an opportunity for me. 

After a Zoom call and then a face-to-face at ROAR HQ, I was offered the job as a junior digital marketing executive and set to start straight after my exams finished in the summer of 2022. And so, at 17, I landed the desired job at the agency I wanted. 



Coming straight from school was quite a big jump, and there were some growing pains as I grew into a marketer from the sixth former I was so used to being. 

Since joining ROAR, I have completed some incredible training and been given some pretty insane opportunities. 

Within the first few months, I was HubSpot Certified in both Social Media and Content Marketing, and the learning didn’t stop there with a wide range of online courses and then a trip to Brighton SEO! Hearing from some of the industry leaders and being able to take in key insights and different takes was indeed an unforgettable experience, especially for someone in their first year. 

I will use the typical “no day is ever the same” partially because it’s true, partially because some tasks pop up, and before you know it, it’s 5 pm.

Between creating and scheduling content for social media, editing YouTube content, writing scripts and blogs and plenty of training to dive into come the end of the week. Between all of the busyness, there’s often room for a moment of madness, whether singing or debating which chocolate bar you’d be. 


The team 

Being part of such a dynamic team has been a key factor in my development from strength to strength in this last year.

Having no background knowledge of the industry or even experience in a business like this, the team helped me settle in and find my feet quickly. To start with, taking the leap into tasks was quite daunting, but the team have always made it such a friendly and educational environment that asking what felt like stupid questions was no biggie. 

Going into events like networking and awards night surrounded by sometimes hundreds of other professionals in the industry is still sometimes nerve-racking, and the imposter syndrome often sneaks in. But surrounded by the rest of the ROAR team, I’m quickly reassured that being outside my comfort zone isn’t a bad thing, just a new thing. 


So to conclude…

My first year at ROAR has been a wild ride that still doesn’t feel like a whole year. 

I still feel incredibly lucky to have such an experienced and supportive team around me. And it wasn’t until I took the time to reflect on and remember where I was a year ago that I appreciated how far I’ve come as a marketer and a person. 

So, here’s to one year at ROAR and, hopefully, the first of many! 





If you’re interested in becoming a part of the ROAR Digital Marketing team, keep an eye out for our latest vacancies.


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