Marketing Strategies for Valentines Day (2023)

Marketing Strategies for Valentine’s Day (2023)

Love is in the air with Valentine’s peaking around the corner. In this blog, learn some tips and tricks to assist with your marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day. 


5 top marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day


Run a Valentine’s Day sale or promotion

Everyone loves a bargain, right? One of the best ways to attract customers is by launching Valentine’s day sales or other promotions. 

Promote sales and discounts with temporary pop-ups on your site, promotional emails or posts on social media. 

When using email marketing for promotional offers, try to personalise your email with their name or even “hey, valentine” – we’ve seen brands like Kate Spade do this in the past.

Additionally, you could consider offering free shipping to your returning customers or rewarding their loyalty with an exclusive offer.


  • 2-4-1 on selected products (for valentines sharing)
  • % off valentines line
  • Free shipping on valentines products (with a minimum spend)
  • Returning customers get a free gift
  • Valentines set menus (for the gift of going out)



Drive urgency

Running out of time to gift shop? We’ve all been there, whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or valentine’s day, so brands that remind you an event or holiday is coming up are incredibly helpful. 

Use countdowns to valentine’s day on your website or social media, or tease that there is still time via your email subject line!

The key is, don’t make your customers or potential ones feel guilty about last-minute shopping! You could even drop a last-minute promotion or express shipping leading up to valentines day.


  • True love might wait, but our delivery teams won’t! (Mancrates on social media)
  • Order Now To Get Their Gifts By Valentines Day (Marc Jacobs via email)
Valentines last chance email, publicate, Marketing Strategies for Valentine's Day
Valentines last chance email example, via Publicate,


Target the last-minute shoppers

Unlike Christmas, people are reportedly a little more relaxed on valentines day. According to Bing, 46% of people say they start shopping in early February, as opposed to a month or a couple of months before. 

A vital part of any marketing strategies for valentines day will be to appeal to last-minute shoppers and maintain any special edition stock. 

Combine teasing copy with countdown timers, and offer to go the extra mile by increasing delivery slots and delivery guarantees. 

Additionally, with shipping becoming riskier as the days to valentines get shorter,  more and more brands are advertising gift cards.

Around holidays or events, many brands offer a discount on gift cards for buyers to increase the worth of what they paid. This is an excellent incentive as purchases feel they are getting increased value, and the receiver can use the gift card when and how they see fit!

valentines e gift email example, victoria secret, marketing strategies for valentines day
Valentines e-gift email example via Victoria Secret


Limited edition products

One of the most apparent valentines day marketing strategies would be to create themed products! Tailor your speciality and niche into creating a themed line of products. Limit these to pre-valentines day only to increase FOMO (fear of missing out). 

Us humans are wired to take advantage of situations which heavily include limited edition products, sales and discounts, which can further motivate us to complete purchases.


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Gift guides

Have you ever been completely stuck on gift ideas for an event or holiday? Gift buying can be challenging for the everyday consumer who wants to get their special someone the perfect treat.

Creating a gift guide for your shoppers can help inform their buying decisions whilst providing all your valentines day options in one place. Present them via email, social media, popups or in physical form.

Valentines gift guide example, mark and graham, Marketing Strategies for Valentine's Day
Valentines gift guide from MARK AND GRAHAM




Will you be incorporating any of these marketing strategies for valentine’s day this year? 



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