Bridgerton characters as marketers

Lady Whistledown Writes: How the Bridgerton Characters Measure Up as Marketers

The ton bares little room for mystery as Lady Whisteldown tiptoes and sneaks around promenading the streets, searching for the sneak sound of gossip. Your grace, let’s see how the tons most favourable dukes and diamonds measure up in the marketing world.

Daphne Bridgerton, Bridgerton Characters


Viscount Anthony Birdgerton

Anthony Bridgerton once said, “Words Of Flattery Are Beautiful And Sweet, But They Are Also Hollow Unless Accompanied By Action.” Anthony is a strong-willed man of action with endless responsibility and weight on his shoulders. He has passed the baton to a digital marketing agency by his late father, taking over the reins and becoming responsible for himself and others. He finds compliments on his work or business redundant and sees little success unless gaining more clients or increasing his profits. 


Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne Bridgerton once said, “If you think most women delicate and mild. A trip to the modiste during a silk shortage would disabuse you of such notions for good.” Daphne the diamond, although she knows her fate is to be wed, and bare children she cannot help but get involved in her husband’s affairs by popping her head into the office, curating better business processes, ensuring the team and office are being run smoothly to relieve the stress of her Duke which does not go unnoticed.


Eloise Birdgerton 

Eloise Bridgerton once said, “You wish to follow your heart, and I wish to nurture my mind”, and nurture she shall. Eloise does not wish to promenade through the twists and turns of the marketing industry but stimulate her brain power and become the best in the business.

She thrives on learning through industry webinars, networking and talking to all who will talk with her. Although she may come across as a little strong and rather forceful at times, she wants to learn and make her mark on the world as a woman!


Penelope Featherington 

“At least I did something. All you ever do is talk about doing something!” Penelope, Penelope, the real Lady Whistledown herself (not a spoiler – it has been on Netflix long enough), determined, driven and downright sneaky. Penelope, although prim and proper, never misses an opportunity; as a business owner, Penelope will do everything to succeed – even if it means losing a few people along the way.

She will smile in your face at networking and then expose your business’ deepest darkest secrets when you’re not around, all in the name of success. She has her fingers in many pies; it seems her determination to know all about everyone reflects in her marketing life as well as she balances many channels under her yellow hat.


Queen Charlotte: 

“Make way! Must you all act like sheep flocking to the trough?” Queen Charlotte boasts a tough, almost intimidating exterior; she is the Queen. However, it is not until we see her face sink at the sight of King George, ineloquent and lost after Miss Edwina’s wedding, that we see the facade fade quickly away.

Her husband built her digital marketing empire, and although the community know little about him – everyone has heard of Charlotte. She is commanding, known for her wit, intelligence and smart SEO but be fearful. Shall you ask her how she came to run her empire? Her husband’s fate lies not with you.


Kate Sharma

“Beating you feels the same as any other win but somehow smells sweeter.” Kate Sharma holds herself with such grace and intellect she is not afraid to challenge anyone who may offer unhelpful or incorrect advice. She is a well-known webinar hoster and in-person trainer with her words of wisdom and encouragement.

She strives to create an industry where those who put in the work reap the rewards no matter their demographic, background or experience, offering search engine marketing strategy courses to all who shall wish to learn and expand their knowledge. 


Colin Bridgerton

Colin Bridgerton once said, “Did words have meaning if they were never heard?” Colin is not afraid to be himself and fight for what he wants; I mean, we all saw the passion he held for Marina Thompson right? He is a passionate marketer and does not hesitate when it comes ot opportunities and ideas – we saw this from his lengthy time travelling overseas.

Colin believes all shall speak up loud and proud when it comes to discussing the latest marketing trends and ideas and be heard like he said: did words have meaning if they were never heard? He is an avid LinkedIn poster, offering his thoughts and opinions on every marketing trend that hits the feed. 


Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury once said, “I Sharpened My Wit, My Wardrobe, And My Eye, And I Made Myself The Most Terrifying Creature In Any Room I Entered”. She is honest and caring but ruthless. She’s experienced in the industry, and her younger years, she strived for success and regularly put the back burner of relationships to succeed.

Alas, this has brought her great success through hard work, and I imagine she would be the scariest boss you’ve ever seen but also the most passionate. Awards in abundance, Lady Danbury has reaped her own rewards through her determination to succeed.





For now, I must keep a keen eye on the marketing world’s version of the ‘Ton’, my LinkedIn feed. May we see no scandals on the promenade? 


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