How to use HubSpot Marketing in 2024

How to Use HubSpot Marketing in 2024

New year, new opportunities. The digital landscape continues to transform; therefore, falling behind the curve is not an option. If you’re seeking a strategic inbound marketing strategy, learn how to use Hubspot marketing in 2024.


Can HubSpot be Used for Marketing?

You can absolutely use HubSpot for marketing. Known as a comprehensive inbound marketing and sales platform, it helps businesses attract, engage and nurture customers. HubSpot is popular because it is easy to use and appeals to businesses of all sizes.


How to Use HubSpot Marketing in 2024

If you haven’t invested in HubSpot for your business, you’re missing out on valuable business opportunities.

As we progress through 2024, HubSpot will continue to grow to be a versatile, vast, must-have platform for successful business strategy. The key to fully utilising HubSpot is understanding all the features that are available to you. HubSpot just about covers everything you could think of to master inbound marketing.

Not every business opts for website pop-ups or utilising social media. The same businesses may benefit from strategic landing pages or email marketing strategies. It’s crucial to set goals and expectations with your team. Research your audience and their traits and curate a strategy utilising the platform.

For example, are your audience avid readers of your blog? Set up a pop-up to sign up for a newsletter and automate email communications so they never miss an upload. Or do you have a vast audience with different traits? Use list segmentation to separate these audiences so you can make them individually.

ROAR has lots of handy content to help you introduce HubSpot into your business this year, check out our blog ‘How to Implement HubSpot Into Your Business 6 Easy Steps’.

Below, we have broken down HubSpot’s most popular features and included a tip for utilising them in 2024.


12 Ways to Use HubSpot Marketing in 2024

To get started with HubSpot, you must understand the tools that you are signing up for. HubSpot is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that comes with a vast amount of features and tools.

HubSpot, as a platform, provides unique opportunities to manage your inbound marketing strategy. This includes tracking leads and deals, segmenting your audience, email marketing and more.


Social media

HubSpot integrates with a range of social media platforms. This enables users to connect multiple social media accounts to schedule, draft and publish content.

2024 Tip: be present and connected to your audience in 2024 using social media. Share updates, build a loyal following and provide information that helps them better understand your brand.

59% of marketers use social media for lead generation and sales.

59% of marketers use social media for lead generation and sales.


HubSpot provides email marketing templates, automation, analytics, and the ability to build email marketing lists. This makes it easier for marketers to establish an email marketing strategy whilst tracking valuable analytics.

Most marketers have reported an average email open rate of 46-50%.



Dashboards on HubSpot are customisable and provide insight into your marketing strategy. They report key analytics to track their whole buying cycle, customers, and marketing interactions in one place.


List segmentation

Segmenting lists via HubSpot lets your group contacts based on qualities, characteristics and data. Use these lists to automate your email marketing strategy, providing personalised information and communications.


Email Analytics

Track your email analytics with confidence using HubSpot. Here, you can track key metrics like open rate and CTR. These analytics can inform a more robust and personal marketing strategy in the future.


Landing Pages and Forms

Landing pages are critical to increasing your business’s conversion rate. HubSpot CRM offers a landing page builder equipped with templates and best practices. You can also add customisable forms and pop-ups without adding unnecessary code to your site.

Landing pages are key to securing conversions, and HubSpot forms can collect your audience data and store it in one place. It can even automatically add these users to lists and automate communications.

Across all industries, the average landing page conversion rate is 5.89%.



Your strategy will run smoothly using HubSpot workflows. When someone takes a specific action on your website, it triggers a workflow. Actions include form completions, calls, and purchases.

Here is an example of how ROAR uses workflows:

  1. A user fills out a form for a FREE SEO Audit on our site.
  2. Our team receives an email to audit the users’ website.
  3. We record the user’s details in our ‘Requested a FREE SEO Audit’ list in HubSpot – automatically.
  4. A member of our team then sends out this SEO Audit.
  5. Our team then receives instructions to follow up with this prospect.
  6. The workflow is now complete.

SEO Audit visual

Contact management

Say you’re searching for Dan Mither in your mobile phone contacts – a recent prospect from networking. You scroll and scroll and stop as you begin to feel beads of nervous sweat appear on your forehead.

There are two Dan Mither contacts in your phone. No problem; you’ll click both to see further contact details. But alas, you didn’t manually enter their business name.

HubSpot erases all the faff of manually collecting prospect data and information. It allows you to add company and contact records with a singular click. You can also easily manage sales activities and keep records up to date.


Form Builder

HubSpot offers a form builder to businesses that do not require any coding. Businesses can use the builder to create forms that attract conversions and customise them in a drag-and-drop form. You can automatically add the data collected here to your contacts list on HubSpot.

74% of companies use online forms to increase lead generation. 49.7% stated that their forms are their most successful converting lead generation tool.


Live chat

HubSpot supports live chat and personalised chat form builders for your website. By inserting a live chatbot, you can respond to your audience’s queries in real time and ensure that your customer service is top standard.


Lead management

Managing leads in a sheet, off the top of your head or via notes can become chaotic. Using HubSpot, leads can progress through your sales funnel automatically. This allows your sales team to filter those who have had proposals sent, have closed or are taking a little longer to finalise.


Meeting Schedule Tool

At ROAR, we utilise this feature of HubSpot every day! It allows us to separate meetings into categories and time slots. It also ensures that our availability determines when we can be booked. It is integrateable with other web apps, such as Gmail, ensuring we never miss a meeting with our clients or teams.



Take your marketing efforts to the next level with our comprehensive HubSpot management services. Together, we can reach your business goals.


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