How to set up PPC Display ads

How To Set Up PPC Display Ads

The Google Display Network serves over two trillion monthly ad impressions to over two billion Internet users across millions of websites, making it a viable method to help build brand awareness and many more benefits! Stick around to learn how to build out your pay-per-click (PPC) display ads and the vast range of benefits running a display campaign brings!

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Setting Up Your Display Campaign 

Follow this step-by-step guide on building your PPC display campaign to help you reach new customers and maximise results.

  1. Once you’re in your Google Ads account, navigate to campaigns and click create a campaign. From here, you will be asked to choose a goal that best suits the aim you’re trying to achieve with the campaign.


  1. The next step is choosing the campaign type – here, you will select the display option.


  1. Targeting – Do you have a target geographical location in mind? If you do, that’s great! The location tab will allow you to target anywhere, broad or narrow.


  1. Bidding strategy and budget – Google offers a range of smart bidding strategies that leverage machine learning to tailor every bid to each auction. Alternatively, you can also start your campaign with a manual bidding strategy. As for your budget, taking the amount you’re willing to spend throughout the month and dividing it by 30 will give you your daily budget.


  1. Audience targeting and demographics – Here, you can narrow down and choose the demographic you want your ads to show to. This can be done by filtering people based on age, gender, parental status or household income.


  1. Content Targeting – Choose where you want your ads to trigger by including and excluding certain websites, another cool feature you can take advantage of is the ability to incorporate certain topics to ensure your ads are triggered on the topics of your choice.


  1. Targeting Expansion – If you have a large budget, consider targeting expansion, as this will allow Google to seek out additional customers similar to your target audiences.


  1. Lastly, get creative! It’s time to create your PPC display ads for your campaign. Try using responsive display ads, too, as these ads adjust in size automatically to fit different ad placements across the web.


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The Benefits of Display PPC Ads

How to set up PPC display ads - the benefits

Building Brand Awareness: Getting new customers is great, but for that to happen, people must be aware of your business. PPC advertising through display ads is a great way of improving brand awareness by using various ad formats to reach potential customers. Furthermore, according to B2B Marketing, it takes an average of seven interactions between a business and a user before making a purchase, so take advantage of what display advertising offers and get your brand out there!

Display Targeting: When we run PPC campaigns, we don’t want any Tom, Dick or Harry clicking on our ads that will almost never convert! Display campaigns give the advertiser total control over the targeting, allowing ads to show on specific sites, geographical areas, and a certain demographic the PPC display ads target.

Retarget To Interested Consumers: Every marketer dreams of a world where a user sees your ad, clicks on the ad and then instantly converts. However, as we all know, it doesn’t quite happen like that and studies have shown that it can take three to four online visits before a user feels comfortable purchasing a product or service from a business. Display ad retargeting focuses on users that have visited your website but failed to convert; this is where the power of display retargeting is seen!



Display retargeting is a very effective method of engaging consumers that may have already seen your business but have yet to take that extra step and convert. The retargeting display ads are often the last push a consumer needs to convert due to the volume of content they see that helps to get them over the line.


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