How Can an SEO Agency Help to Build Your Business?

As a business looking to dominate the online space, it’s vital to use an SEO agency in order to reach your online goals. In this blog, we discuss how can an SEO agency help to build your business. 


What is an SEO agency?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website in order to hopefully perform better on a search engine results page. This is an organic process, which is cost-effective to businesses as it’s a lot cheaper than say running PPC campaigns.

An SEO agency specialises in the SEO tactics and strategies that help business improve their online presence on the search engine results pages.

The first page of search engine results is ultimately where you want your business to sit this is because 75% of users don’t bother to scroll past the first page of information and results.

For more on how can an SEO agency can benefit your business, take a look at our ultimate guide to working with an SEO agency. 

How can an SEO agency help to build your business?

Working with an SEO company is a great idea especially if your experience with SEO is pretty limited. SEO agencies will tackle your website performance, offer content suggestions, fix technical issues and more.

Competing for the top spot on search engines is rough, of all internet users, 98% of them use a search engine at least once a month.

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Scrolling through search results


How can an SEO agency help to build your business you ask? Here are 5 key areas they can assist with:


  • Improving your online visibility.

An SEO agency will use tactics and data to improve how high your website ranks on search engine results pages – also known as SERPs.

According to HubSpot, 75% of search engine users don’t bother to look past the first page of results, this means that if your business’s website isn’t appearing on the first page, a mass amount of potential customers might not even realise that your business or services exist.

To rank well on the first page of search results, search engines like Google will judge how well-optimised your website is. Google assigns well-optimised sites a top position which leads to a high level of online visibility for the website.

SEO agencies will optimise your site by performing in-depth keyword research in relation to your industry. They can then work with you to update your copy and website content including blog posts, alter metadata descriptions and make your website more backlink worthy.


  • Increase inbound traffic

Websites that are present in the top spots of search results pages do generate the most traffic. An SEO agency will optimise your website so it gains higher positions up the rankings, which will in turn increase the amount of traffic which is directed towards your website.


  • Generate a higher level of engagement on social media channels

Social media keyword research is an essential part of putting your social media content in front of your target audience. You can incorporate keywords in posts on social media not just on your website, by doing so you increase the chances of having your content seen and shared by other users.

The SEO agency you work with will be able to research and supply you with those keywords in order to create more effective posts. Some may also assist in optimising the content itself including images and videos. This can significantly increase your opportunities in gaining client interaction with your content and ultimately establish your company as a trustworthy brand.


  • Improve how your website performs

A key part of SEO is the functionality of a website, it is essential that your website has clear navigation and accessibility. If a website isn’t loading or performs poorly, visitors leave very quickly which then causes a high bounce rate.

When you partner with an SEO agency, they will perform a page-by-page website audit on your website in order to dissect and examine your website’s performance. This will show how fast your site loads, and show the easiness of how to navigate your website in order to determine how users experience your website. They will then offer their knowledge and tactics to combat any issues.


  • Establish your online authority

The top spot on search engines like Google is given to websites that are delivering answers to queries and are the most relevant to what users are searching for.

The SEO agency will gather your keywords and then create the content incorporating that keyword, in order to gain a top spot in the search engines. When users are searching and find your website appearing regularly, this increases the recognisability of the brand and shows them that you put out a variety of content that is helpful for them. This in turn builds up the credibility as an industry authority.



What ROAR offers SEO for businesses


Here at ROAR, we specialise in SEO services amongst many others such as HubSpot, PPC, and blog writing.

Our SEO services include the SEO Bomb® which is a unique, innovative service to boost SERP rankings with your audience in mind. As part of the SEO Bomb® service, ROAR will develop SEO tropic clusters tailored to your business based on recommended pillar content or your already running landing pages. This will result in Google and other search engines recognising your content and boosting it for the high-intent keywords that matter.

We have our own DIY SEO Software which is a platform your business can use to take the reigns on your online SEO performance. The platform offers a wide range of features presenting you with personalised SEO actions, updates on metrics, backlink strategy and the key practices for successful SEO.

With our local SEO services, ROAR will optimise your website and content in order to place your business in front of those locally. We aim to dominate the first page of search engines with your website and present the local audience with accurate, relevant and up-to-date information on your business.

Finally, as one of Newcastle’s top SEO agencies, you can take advantage of our SEO Management services as we work with Google to skyrocket your website up page one of the SERPs.  We use our extensive knowledge to develop and implement strong and relevant SEO strategies to get your business to the top.

Get in touch with one of our specialists today to see how we can work with you and your business.


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