Do I need a content strategy in 2023?

Do I Need a Content Strategy in 2024?


Are you asking yourself, ‘do I need a content strategy in 2024?’ It’s an ambitious time of year. Let’s see how an effective content strategy can skyrocket your success.



An Overview

Do I need a content strategy? Hell yeah, it’s a new year with new goals to meet. An effective strategy may be the way to go if you hope to build your business this year.

Content strategy is the process of cohesively using business goals and objectives to form content that supports the journey to achieving these goals. 

You begin with a business objective that you are hoping to achieve. This could be anything from driving more traffic to a website, generating more leads via content or growing on a platform. Every part of planning your strategy begins with objectives; without them, your content lacks purpose.

After you have determined your business objectives, you can begin brainstorming the details of your strategy. 

Ask yourself some questions about your content and its purpose; here are some examples:

  • What are we aiming to achieve with this content?
  • How will our content help in supporting our business goals?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • How will we ensure that our content aligns with our brand and its values? 
  • Where will we source content ideas?

There are four elements of a great content strategy, including; goals, audience, process, and performance. 

four elements of content strategy infographic, Do I Need A Content Strategy


Goals – what you hope to achieve

  • Business objectives 
  • Marketing objectives
  • SEO objectives

Audience – Who it will influence

  • Buyer personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • Empathy maps

Process – How you’ll execute

  • Content governance
  • Editorial calendars
  • Content distribution

Performance – Was it a success?

  • KPIs
  • Reporting frameworks 
  • Optimisation plans


SEO and content strategy are closely related as most businesses use content creation to benefit their organic traffic and increase leads. Using a piece of content to support these metrics is incredibly beneficial as it can additionally lower customer acquisition costs which are costs associated with bringing in customers. 

Content has become a crucial part of the SEO strategy because search engines like Google are cracking down on how content serves its users. In 2022 they launched the Google Helpful Content Update, which aims to increase the amount of content written to help users, not just rank higher. They hope to reward content that provides a satisfying experience to users, whilst content that doesn’t meet users’ expectations will not perform as well. 

The update will automatically identify the types of content which offer little value, low-added value or is not helpful to those performing searches.


Do I need a content strategy in 2024? 

The real question is, will creating and implementing a content strategy will significantly affect your business? 

Achieve your goals.

Each of your marketing efforts will impact reaching your content goals, but diluting your content strategy into a foolproof one can be vitally effective.

It will require you to reevaluate your current content and mould it into content that is informed by objective, made for your audience, is processed well and performs highly. For example, you may realise your content isn’t necessarily the best fit for your intended audience. 

Putting a strategy in place will allow you to define your goals, ensuring all your efforts aim towards the same objectives. 


Having a detailed, structured strategy can save marketers time and money. Sometimes without a strategy, time can be wasted by creating meaningless or off-tangent content. Having a strategy ensures marketers stay on track with their content and create it because it is valuable.

Additionally, without an effective strategy, part of your budget can get lost in projects and content that doesn’t necessarily need it. You can save funds by accurately sticking to a plan and avoiding overspend on projects. 

Measure progress and success

Your goals and objectives should act as pillar posts, and tick off objectives as you meet them. Having full content marketing and working through goals like this will outline the metrics you are tracking and analysing.

Measuring your content efforts against your goals is vital to determine how it performs. Do you see results, or is your content making little waves? Measure your efforts against your KPIs and objectives to create optimisation plans for the future further. 

Convert your website traffic

Aligning your goals with your audience and content means you have a better chance of driving conversions. Using a content strategy will make your content more streamlined to your target audience by creating content that attracts the. 

You can learn more about your target audience by looking at analytics tools and considering those already tip-toeing around your content. Using this information, you can research different ways these demographics and groups act and respond to content in general.

Here at ROAR, we offer the SEO Bomb®. This content-creating tool develops tailored SEO topic clusters around your pillar content or landing page to skyrocket your content up those Google rankings. 


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