Digital Marketing Toolkit for 2023

Digital Marketing Toolkit (Essentials for 2023)


New year, time to update your digital marketing toolkit! Today we’re highlighting 10 essential tools you must have in your 2023 digital marketing toolkit.



Google Analytics

Google analytics,


Starting off strong with Google Analytics, a vital digital marketing tool that can assist with several marketing decisions and tasks. With Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your e-commerce business whilst keeping track of your goals. This is important as it can keep you on track with targets and goals. 

Google Analytics is the go-to tool for data insights. It presents your team with easy-to-follow and understands data insights and any tasks required to maximise website performance through modifications and changes. 

Google Analytics can analyse and understand : 

  • Website visitor behaviour
  • User demographics, including interests, location etc
  • Session statistics
  • Device information



Asana, Digital Marketing Toolkit for Small Businesses in 2023


Asana is a web and mobile app that allows teams to stay connected through tasks. It will help your team to keep projects organised and keep track of deadlines that you are hitting.

Users in a team can assign tasks to themselves or others, can schedule a due date, collaborate on tasks and create dependencies on the completion of other tasks. 

By creating workflows and delegating tasks to each member of your team, ensures that tasks are completed wholly and no details are left behind.

We use Asana to keep up to date with client work, including scheduling key dates and tasks in the future, so nothing is forgotten. 

There are plenty of different workflow platforms for your team, but we enjoy using Asana!


Google Ads,


Google Ads is a platform where you can create ad campaigns on Google and YouTube Mobile Apps and even remarket advertisements. It works on a bidding strategy, and when you start to create your campaign, you can add landing pages, create some advertisements, offer services, product listings, video content and more. 

The pricing models on Google Ads come in 3 different types.

  • PPC (pay-per-click) pricing for driving traffic to your website – for paid search.
  • CPA (cost per acquisition) for acquiring conversions (includes purchase and signups) – for paid search.
  • vCPM (cost-per-thousand viewable impressions for increasing awareness) – for display network campaigns.

Once you have your Google Ads account up and running, you can begin creating and implementing your advertisements. Fact: PPC generates twice the number of visitors compared to SEO. 



Canva, Digital Marketing Toolkit for Small Businesses in 2023


Canva is essential for your digital marketing toolkit, and if you haven’t heard of Canva, where have you been? Canva is a design tool where you can create anything from presentations, banners, videos, docs and more.

Canva is an excellent tool for creating social media assets to boost your social media presence, creating paid advertisement visuals and more.

You can create, download and share content from the application, and it comes with a range of templates you can use, or you can start creating from scratch.

Here at ROAR, we use Canva daily to create assets and content. Here’s an example below of some of the content we create with Canva to support our digital marketing strategy. 





SEMRush is a tool which can assist in a variety of digital marketing areas. You have the SEO dashboard where you can see traffic, domain overview, research, keyword gaps and backlink gaps. 

You can perform keyword research and track position ranking, build links and perform a backlink audit and optimise for on-page and off-page SEO. 

Additionally, you can track local SEO, advertising, social media position and scheduling, use the content wizard to optimise written content, and see trends.

We find that SEMRush allows us to conduct practical and in-depth keyword research for not only ROAR but also our clients and that we can create and optimise content to a great SEO standard.



DIY SEO Platform 

ROAR DIY SEO Platform, Digital Marketing Toolkit for Small Businesses in 2023


The ROAR DIY SEO Platform does everything and would be a practical addition to your digital marketing toolkit. You can complete vital SEO actions which can contribute to your site’s health and website ranking. You can use journalism outreach to provide guest posts of quotes in related areas of your expertise. 

With the digital marketing platform, you can track your keyword position ranking on search engines and analyse your traffic. Additionally, you handle your Google My Business Profile and more.

The platform is designed for small business owners and their teams. It includes an academy with learning materials for users to learn and grow on their SEO journey. 


Google My Business 

Google My Business, Digital Marketing Toolkit for Small Businesses in 2023


Google My Business is essential for local SEO. It is connected to Google Maps, and you can add your business’s information, such as NAP. NAP includes your name, address phone you can also add a website, opening hours, photos, posts and more. 

All you have to do is create a GMB account and add all of the necessary information and choose a verification method. After this, your business will be live on Google Maps.

To verify your account, you can use the following:

  • A postcard
  • By phone
  • By mobile
  • By email
  • Instant verification
  • Bulk verification for more locations

This means that whenever someone searches for your particular company, all of your business’s necessary details will pop up for the user. It can significantly contribute to SEO through CTR and allows those searching for your services in a location nearby to see your business.


Are some of these tools in your digital marketing toolkit ready for 2023? 


Transform your online presence in 2023 with ROAR and step into the New Year with a new digital marketing services.


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