Creating quality social media assets (Grow in 2023)

Creating Quality Social Media Assets (Grow in 2023)


To build on your social media marketing strategy and increase presence and authority, you need to start with social media content that will reach and engage your target audience.



Audit your social media assets

Auditing all of your visual assets from across the year can be a daunting thought. But, once you know what you’re looking for, it’ll be a walk in the park for your social media team.

Ensure you look at all channels

Pull together a list of all of the social media channels you’re using. With so many platforms out there, you don’t want to lose any of your content so keep track of the channels you use and the content that goes on them.

Do you have a consistent brand?

Consistent doesn’t mean identical but, generally speaking, using the same overall style, shapes and colours. This boosts your social media presence as your content can be recognised immediately online. Identify any styles used previously that may work again in the future and rule out content that doesn’t fit the business’s direction of growth over the next period. This could help you inform a set of rules regarding practical social media brand guidelines.

Identify top content

It’s all well and good that, as marketers, we love every piece of content we push out, but what matters is what your audience thinks and engages with. Once you can identify what your audience likes to see, you can create content of the same format more frequently.

Evaluate channel performance

This covers all of your base metrics; follower growth, views, shares, likes, comments, and reach. Have these metrics improved from your last audit, or have they decreased?

Once you’ve audited your social media assets, you’ll be able to view your top-performing channel, top-performing content, and where you can improve. All ready for the next calendar year to start.


Understand the platforms

Gone are the days when a Facebook status would suffice. Social media’s evolution has centred both users and platforms but moving your focus to content keep you ahead of both changes.

Over 84% of TikTok users are on Facebook, and Twitter is linked to Instagram by 88% of its users. It’s not just users that social media platforms seem to have in common, with Instagram Reels mimicking TikTok and TikTok Now following the success of BeReal. Social Media channels are beginning to look more similar by the day.

53% of organisations reuse the same social media posts across many platforms. This is leaving audiences disengaged and bored with the content on their feeds.

Switch up your content based on the platform while keeping it linked and relevant to your business. Redesign your social media assets to fit the content that audiences want to consume based on the platforms you’re using.


As we see TikToks beginning to rank in SERPs, there is a clear connection between your social media and SEO activity. Harnessing the relationship between social media and SEO can help you start to see some benefits tot your rankings and social profiles.

Design for your intentions

Knowing what you want from a social media asset is key to its success. Whether you’re trying to sell your product/services, drive more engagement from your audience or expand your reach; your content should show this.

Driving sales

Content should be direct – “This is our product, you should buy it.” Consumers are savvy, if you try and disguise your sales point as something else, they’ll figure it out and automatically shut off from content. Some may go as far as unfollowing your page if they feel the content doesn’t resonate with them at all.

Drive engagement

Make your content stand out within the feed. Once a user stops scrolling to read or watch your content, you have 8 seconds to engage them before they move on. Users that are interested in your content will want to engage, so ask them to. Add questions to your content and ask for answers from your audience.

Expand reach

Shareability is the name of the game when it comes to expanding the reach of your content. The more likes, shares and comments you get on a post, the more people will see it and recognise your content within your given industry.


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