5 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas For March 2023

5 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas For March 2023


Inbound marketing is a surefire way of generating more opportunities to drive traffic and increase lead generation. With 41% of marketers confirm inbound produces measurable ROI, having an array of inbound marketing content ideas at your disposal is a huge benefit.

In this blog, we give you plenty of ideas to maximise your inbound marketing strategy in March and onwards!



What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is when a business uses different forms of content and experiences to bring in more customers.  Inbound digital marketing strategy focuses on creating assets and communication material that aligns with your audience’s core values and needs. It aims to form, establish and grow long-term business-to-audience relationships.

Your customers will come to you for advice, and solutions to aid their problems. It’s important to provide accurate and quality resources to do this. 


Types of Inbound Marketing Content




Educational pieces of content focussing on topics or questions your audience may have related to your industry. In these pieces,  you should offer a level of expertise and highlight your experiences in the past. Blog content can certainly aid you in increasing website traffic to your website with businesses who blog seeing 55% more website visitors than those without.


E-books and White Papers

E-books and White Papers are commonly known as ‘Gated Content’ which means content that is accessible for an exchange of valuable information or for a small fee. This type of content creation is typically more long-form and more ‘exclusive’. You can check out an example of an E-book/Gated piece of content here, free to download from ROAR Digital Marketing! 



Infographics are images and visuals designed to show information in a creative way. These visuals can show statistics, a graph or information. They are commonly used on social media, in blog posts and in videos to back up a point or provide evidence.

Here is one from ROAR below, it shows that 84% of marketers who have used infographics in the past claim they are effective and that visual can increase human information retention by 400%.



Videos are watchable visuals which make it easier for users to absorb information. You can make video versions of blogs, and news pieces and include infographics. Video with members of your team in them also play an important role in brand recognisability.

Don’t forget to share the video content that you create on your social media channels to increase the number of people who can see it! In 2022 it was reported that 14.9% of millennials watch 10-20 hours of video weekly, so improving your video content game is a must.

For an example of a video version of a blog, take a look at one by ROAR at the top of this piece of content for some inspiration!



Webinars are online sessions usually taken by professionals with experience in an industry with some expertise to offer. They are commonly done alongside a presentation to educate, and/or sell new products or services. Webinars can increase your brand authority, awareness and traffic by showing your authority on subject matters. 


News Articles

News articles don’t just mean the everyday global news you hear and watch on television it can be industry specific. Every industry, or niche experiences changes, developments or news and it’s important that you stay on top of that. This is important to show your audience that you care and are knowledgeable about developments in your industry, if you don’t know about the latest updates or trends, people may question your commitment to your industry.

Here’s a news piece ROAR wrote recently about Google’s statement regarding AI and search engine rankings.


Social Media 

Social media is golden for inbound content marketing. It’s challenging to find one person nowadays who isn’t an active social media user in some way shape or form. In January 2023 in the UK, it was reported that there were 57.10 million social media users equating to 84.4 percent of the total population.

You can use your social media platforms to showcase and promote all of the great content we have highlighted above. It allows you to grab and grow the attention of your target audience by providing them with something, instead of pushy outbound tactics that may put them off! 

Take a look at one of ROAR’s social media posts promoting our blog below.

Inbound VS Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing as explored above means aligning the content you create with your audience’s core values and needs. Outbound on the other hand is slightly different as it involves engaging directly with potential customers to encourage and increase interest in products. It tends to be a more full-on approach and intends to see at least one person who has been outbound marketed towards, will convert.

Here are some examples of outbound marketing: 

  • Billboards
  • Cold calling
  • Display ads
  • TV ads
  • Newspapers
  • Radio


5 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas 


Write a Blog Post


We have already covered how blog posts can power up your inbound marketing strategy, so why not set yourself a goal of one blog post a week about something related to your industry? Consider using titles such as ‘5 reasons why you should’, ‘Top 10 tools for’, and relate the to your industry.

Here is an example; if you own a skincare brand, you could create content like ‘5 reasons why you should ditch your 9-step skincare routine’ or ‘10 cleansers worth the hype’. You could even go the extra mile and create some TikTok or YouTube content of you using the products. 

Share these blogs on your social media profiles.


Create a Carousel Post About Something Related to Your Industry


Carousel posts are great ways of positing visuals including infographics on social media. They are a journey for your audience, meaning they actually have to engage to the very end to see the story or find out the information. At ROAR we post one of these weekly on our social media platforms about industry news, educational topics or even holiday marketing-themed carousels.


Write a News Round Piece Weekly or Monthly


If you’re a small team or maybe just going at marketing your business solo, this could be a great way of showing your knowledge but not continuously. Around the end of the month, take a bit of time to round up some information on developments or changes in your industry or just hot topics in general. For example, if you owned a fitness sportswear brand, you could write a piece about ‘All The January Fitness Trends We Need To Ditch’. 


Host a Webinar on Something You Have Expertise on


If you are at the very beginning of your inbound marketing journey this may be a little difficult and feel as though you’re shouting to an empty crowd of people. If you’re without an audience you feel would attend, consider filming a webinar-style presentation anyway and sharing it on socials, you could even tease that this is a free introduction to a webinar series you are thinking about starting. 

If you are a brand with thousands of dedicated fans who will be engaged with everything you post online, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a few signups. A tip we would have would be to allow for questions at the end, and plug your product or services in here and there lightly. Make sure you are not pushy or overbearing with your audience, you and your brand should appear approachable and accessible.


Start a YouTube or TikTok Channel, or Both


Here at ROAR, we love creating new content on both TikTok and YouTube and we find it valuable in developing our audience! We put out one or two pieces of content a week on these platforms and it ranges from education content, to on-trend humorous skits (TikToks).

Videos give an enormous amount of freedom to create, from product demonstrations, and joking around with your audience to educating them on the things that really matter within your niche. It may be daunting to step in front of the camera for the first time (we’ve been there) but the more times you do it, your confidence will grow and so will the level of content you are creating!

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Join us at ROAR and take advantage of our powerful inbound marketing strategies to drive quality leads and more conversions! Speak to a specialist today.



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