5 Content Marketing Strategies for June 2023

5 Content Marketing Strategies for June 2023

June, longer days, summer sun and beer gardens, and an opportunity to spice up your content marketing strategies this month.

The Content Marketing Institute reported that 73% of B2B marketers and 70% of B2C marketers use content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Here are some exclusive ideas from ROAR to better execute your content marketing efforts.

Your latest content strategy may seem pretty up-to-date, but Google Trends can highlight content ideas you’re missing out on. This can include seasonal and holiday trends that can influence and change how users search online. Think broad; remember last year’s UK heatwave? On July 18th, there was a huge spike in Google Searches for ‘UK Heatwave’ – this is an opportunity to pounce on content creation and target your buyer persona and ideal audience’s current interests and/or pain points.

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Say you own a doggy daycare, and the UK heatwave is creeping in and causing search volumes to rise. This could be an opportunity to create a YouTube video, a blog post or a TikTok detailing ‘How To Keep Your Pup Safe During The UK Heatwave’ and optimise it using related keywords and topics accordingly. 


Short Form Video

Out with the long, in with the short. Video content is probably something you are already doing, and if not, don’t worry. The marketing sphere has seen less long-form video content and a type of content that is more snappy and to the point. This is because the everyday consumer doesn’t have time to watch and listen to a 10-minute video, and if they’ve clicked, they want their needs met immediately.

It has been reported that 73% of consumers prefer to watch a short-form video to learn about a product or service, and the average attention span is only eight seconds. Most viewers stop watching a video after two minutes.

Here’s a short form video ROAR made for TikTok about the benefits of having a mobile-friendly website.

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We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but if you’re sitting in the office mulling over the idea of a podcast, go for it. Podcasts seem to be getting bigger and bigger every other day. It seems a new TikTok influencer is creating one. This means it’s vital to create a niche in a saturated market, think of what is original to your business or what road you can pave that is unique and start there.

60% of podcast listeners reported that they have searched for a product after hearing about it on a podcast which proves that, like the rest of this list, podcasting is a great way of providing value to your customers.


Over one billion voice searches are made monthly, so not optimising for voice searches is totally out of the question.

So how to optimise? Well, the best practice for optimising for voice search involves answering questions clearly and concisely. When you provide search engines with direct, clear answers, you will increase your chances of appearing for the search engines’ featured snippet – which is key as 50% of voice search results rely totally on featured snippets.


UGC Content

UGC and ‘de influencing’ is a super exciting trend making waves in the marketing industry this year. The clean-cut, perfected content no longer fazes customers. They want to see more natural content. Don’t get us wrong, don’t just throw a piece of visual content together like you don’t care, but it doesn’t need to be as squeaky clean now.

UGC and ‘de influencing’ means using organic, user-generated content to advertise and create buzz around your brand. It’s been reported that 85% of consumers believe that UGC is more influential than company-curated content.

Example: something as little as a quick share of a piece of content from a social media user that talks about or includes visuals of your brand and its products can be super valuable online. It can increase brand authority and lead generation and be key to developing a successful content marketing strategy.



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