4th September 2019

Improving Click through can be challenging at the best of times, especially with so many options available to us. Here are just a few simple tips that our team here at ROAR Digital Marketing have put together to help make a measurable difference to your PPC Search campaign CTRs.

  1. Dynamic Keyword Insertion is not always the best option for Adwords Extended Text Ads. Try running an experiment with static legacy style ads, and see what works for your audience.
  2. Use the headlines to form a compelling argument to your potential customers, don’t just stuff them with keywords – Your audience is not stupid.
  3. Using customised path fields is great for improving CTR, but try experimenting with using one or two paths, as in certain industries I have seen improved performance occasionally just using one.
  4. Write a short, sharp and engaging headlines, don’t worry about always using up all the available characters.
  5. While short and sharp is best for headlines, the opposite is true for descriptions. In your descriptions be sure to maximise the space available. Remember your aim here is to make sure that the user is left in no doubt that your web page is the right option to solve or satisfy their needs.

We hope these quick tips help, let us know of any successes that come out of you trying any of the above suggestions.

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