I’ve grown my business on a No D******d Policy, roar digital marketing team

I’ve grown my business on a No D******d Policy

There’s a section on the ROAR Digital Marketing website which states in no uncertain terms that we operate a ‘No D******d Policy’.

This is not our way of being antagonistic, rude or abrupt. Instead, it is our way of letting people know from the very outset that there are particular things we as a business will not tolerate when working with clients.


There are multiple reasons for adopting what some may view as a controversial policy.

The thing I’m most passionate about is what ultimately drives this approach; protecting my team.

When I founded ROAR in 2016, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve in business and, as well as achieving financial success and growing our client base, I placed just as much importance on the values we uphold.

One of the core values of the business is acting with integrity by adopting an honest and ethical approach to all tasks. Surely it is not too much to ask for this as a minimum in return?

As ROAR has gained more clients over the years, the team has grown accordingly and I feel privileged to be working every day with such a tight knit group of super talented, intelligent, friendly people, who all bring something different to the team dynamic.

The team is incredibly talented, and each member is constantly looking to develop their search engine marketing knowledge. It’s been so rewarding to see each of them improve their knowledge and become confident in working directly with clients on SEO strategy, analytics and setting up paid advertising campaigns. This development has occurred much faster than I could ever imagine which, from a business point of view, has contributed to the bills getting paid.

What is equally as important is that they are all brilliant people who strive to do their best for their clients, their colleagues and themselves, and this has created a fun, welcoming and respectful workplace.

Nobody wants to come into work anxious, or uneasy about their workday. This is why we ensure we avoid working with aggressive or rude clients, partners or other team members. At ROAR, I do my utmost to create a positive team culture that my staff can enjoy and thrive in.

As a business owner, I take the responsibility to ensure that all members of the team feel valued, heard and seen incredibly seriously.


This is not just some sort of bravado to make it appear we’re doing things the right way.

We actively turn down business with people, suppliers, clients and staff who don’t match our values. 

What I have learned since starting the company is that there are lots of great people out there who have been able to build hugely successful businesses and brands who disprove the saying that ‘nice guys finish last.’

Working with like-minded people who are a pleasure to communicate with, and who won’t cause unnecessary strife or stress is one of the most rewarding elements of being in business, and has created the platform which has allowed ROAR to grow to where it is today.

That is not to say we are above honest feedback. In fact, we encourage client input to help us improve our services and company culture in general.

Constructive criticism that provides value, and comes from a genuine place is incredibly useful. Opting for an open approach when it comes to these conversations, has helped sculpt our business and continues to shape our working practices. 

The key is just to avoid being a d******d!


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