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What is Domain Authority and How to Calculate it?

Here’s how you can check your domain authority and analyse the effect it has on your search engine optimisation. Go on, get stuck in!


What is domain authority, and why you should care?

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Often referred to as simply DA, domain authority is a metric developed by the SEO nerds over at Moz.

Legend has it Dr Moz wanted a method of ensuring how likely their site would be to rank in search engine results pages. So they got to work in their lab mixing science and old magics, when all of a sudden, eureka! Like Dr Frankenstein and his monster, a brand new metric was birthed into the world (Domain Authority). SEO nerds far and wide said in unison, ‘Oh cool, yeah, that’s pretty neat’.


What do good and bad scores look like?

A domain authority score ranges from 1 to 100. The closer your score is to 100, the more authority your site has. As a result, the better the chance your site will have to appear higher up in search engine results pages.

If you’re closer to 1, then you need to call an SEO doctor stat! As you’ll have a meagre chance of making up the SERP ladder.

Talking specifics, you will want to aim for a score of above 40, as anything below will usually be considered poor to very poor, to even terrible.


Consider the following when looking at your domain authority score:

  • 1- 20: Ruh-roh raggy!
  • 20-39: I’m not angry or upset with you; I’m just disappointed.
  • 40-50: Scoring between 40 and 50 is the average for most websites.
  • 50-60: If your Authority sits between 50 and 60, well done, this is a good, solid score.
  • 60+: Now, some of you clever clogs may sit with a score of 60 and above. Congratulations, you nerds, that is an excellent score.

However, it is worth noting that a score between 40 and 50 for a smaller organisation or a one-man band would be considered very good.


How is domain authority calculated?

Your SEO platform of choice will pull in several factors to create a single score to calculate your domain authority. As you now know, this single score will be ranged between 1 to 100. Without an SEO platform or SEO tool, it will be complicated to manually calculate it on your lonesome.

We’ve created a handy little graphic with some pretty colours to show you the main factors for calculating a domain authority score (as per the MOZ gods).

Domain Authority Score, What is Domain Authority and How to Calculate it?


How to check your score.

You can find your score through a range of different methods. The two easiest ways are using a free website tool or platform with a domain authority checker built into it. It’s pretty common for larger SEO platforms or SEO orientated sites to have a domain authority tool or checker.

Why not start where the metric began with Moz’s very own free domain analysis tool.

Or, if you want something a bit more all-encompassing, maybe try SEMrush!

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What is domain authority in SEO?

By now, you will want that precious 60+ score ( if you haven’t already ). Depending on our current authority score, you will have to work harder on a range of search engine optimisation actions.

To make it easier for you, yes, that’s right, we’re courteous like that; we’ll highlight the issues that will have a significant impact on your score.


Page Speed.

Doesn’t it always feel like this comes up time and time again? We don’t know about you, but we do a great deal of reading around SEO and page speed is also up there when it comes to improving SEO ranking factors.

Anyways, all of that aside, one of the critical factors of a good domain authority score is a site with a good page load speed. We often use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to get our clients a quick idea of their page speeds. However, if you want the full-service, our DIY SEO platform offers all of this and much more. Why not claim your free site audit today!

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Again, this is usually one of the usual suspects for improving your website. We’d recommend not that you pursue new backlinks from sites that have a high authority score. You should also review your existing backlinks and disavow these links via Google’s Disavow Link Tool.

Just be careful how you go about getting these links. Earn them organically and naturally, and always check the website from which you will receive a backlink. And maybe don’t trust [email protected] when they offer ‘amazing quality backlink opportunities for only £2.99’.


Guest posting.

This one sounds complicated, but it’s straightforward; it essentially means posting on another website as a guest. Offer your expertise and thought leadership to others in your industry; always get a backlink to your site.

You’ll contribute to the ever-important hoard of knowledge on the world wide web and bring exposure and yummy SEO juice to you and the guest site.


A responsive website.

You’ll know this well; a good website needs to run well on all device types. After the 4th quarter of 2021, mobile now accounts for 54.4% of all global websites. So, if your site runs slowly on mobile devices, search engines like Google have no choice but to drop you down a peg with your authority score.

Google always puts the user experience first. So as your site responsiveness improves your ranking potential, it also helps you achieve a higher domain score.

We hope these tips help! Best of luck with your domain authority, folks!

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