the relationship between pr and marketing

What Can PR Do For Your Business?

Our partners at 32West have provided this guest post for ROAR detailing what PR can do for your business! 

With a recent report detailing that nearly one-in-five businesses have no public relations support, either internally or externally, this blog shows precisely why your business should be taking advantage of what PR has to offer.

For businesses wanting to raise their profile, PR is a great way of maximising their exposure by sharing positive news to a wider audience. Introducing PR into your business can elevate you above your competitors and creates new opportunities by letting more people know about your services. 


Positive Vibes Are Infectious

Reading positive news stories tells the reader how successful and significant your business is, and that positivity rubs off on your audience and confirms you are a company they should be engaging with.

When we want to research a business, most of us will head to Google for more information and seeing positive news coverage and reviews of your company forms a huge part of customers’ decision-making processes.

The more positive the content, the more likely an individual is to take action and get in touch.

The key to getting noticed in busy marketplaces is ensuring a consistent flow of good, upbeat news content, constantly spreading the message about how good you are. You can do this by sharing business success and wins online, contacting journalists through HARO, or sending press releases to journalists and uploading them to your website. Press releases are one of the most reliable and trusted media content sources. 

According to 72% of journalists, the press release is one of the most useful types of content a PR pro can deliver.


Legitimise Your Company’s Reputation

You can talk about how great your company is until you’re blue, but nothing legitimises what you’re saying more than news coverage confirming the success you have enjoyed.

Reading about your record-breaking year, the business’ latest contract win, your fantastic new employee and their esteemed background, or a member of staff who has done something amazing in their community really encapsulates the positive differences your business makes.

At 32West, we have a fantastic team of storytellers who can articulate and share your amazing achievements with audiences far and wide. Visit our website to learn how we can raise awareness of your company and elevate you above the competition.


Win More Business

The more people see your business through coverage on news platforms or perhaps on social media, the more people will talk about you and enquire about what you can do for them.

Being in these conversations is key to winning more business as, with many things, positive reviews spread like wildfire. 

When that daily business newsletter lands in your inbox, the businesses featuring and telling the world how great they are, most often not, are proactive companies with an effective PR team working with them to stay a step ahead of their rivals.


Steal A March On The Competition

With a wealth of experience spread across the team, 32West has witnessed how businesses adopting PR strategies have outshone the rest of the competition.

Through a constant approach to telling their story, these businesses can be found easily through Google searches with positive references about their services and people.





It’s time to leave your competitors behind and invest in PR to share your success stories.

Don’t rest on your laurels because you’re doing ok. For more about 32West and what they can offer your business, visit their website here. 


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