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What are the Benefits of SEO Services?

A recent survey suggested that a whopping 57% of small to medium-sized businesses have no SEO tactics in place whatsoever. Yet the need for good SEO is only set to grow in the future, given that around 20% of sales now take place online. Here we’ll answer the burning question: ‘what are the benefits of SEO services?’, so you can see what such services can do for your own enterprise.



Here we’ll answer the burning question: ‘What is SEO management?’, and cover the benefits so you can see what such services can do for your own enterprise.


SEO Explained

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

‘SEO’ stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ which means trying to get your website to feature highly on the likes of Google’s search results, without paying advertising fees. You’ll also see the term ‘SEO’ used interchangeably with the phrase ‘organic search’, and given that 75% of users click on page one of these results, it pays for your site to sit there if you want to be discovered.

75% of users click on page one of these results

Like most things in life, successful SEO isn’t easy. It takes knowledge, analysis, and ultimately the right tactics to improve your website traffic and status on the search engines.

It’s also an ongoing concern. SEO isn’t an overnight process you also cant invest in SEO and expected your performance to never change. Other sites will be trying to outdo yours at all times, so SEO best practices need to be a continual process of improvement.


So what is SEO management?

At its core, ‘SEO management’ refers to the strategy or marketing strategies that your brand has introduced as a method of improving its SEO. Given the vast areas of expertise needed to do this, many firms outsource their SEO management to expert professionals. These may or may not carry lightsabers and occasionally mention ‘the force’.

A good SEO management company will become an extension of your in-house team, give strategic options to match all business sizes and budgets, and be on-hand to manage as much or as little of your SEO as you require. There should be no one-size-fits-all approach, and every strategy should be bespoke to the particular needs of a brand, whether it includes fully-managed SEO or simply some specific areas.


The Main Benefits of SEO Services and Outsourcing 

Managed SEO services come with huge benefits, but remember – no two agencies or experts are the same. As in any industry, it’s still possible to pay huge sums of money and receive poor results by way of a reply, so we’d strongly recommend doing your research and shopping around to ensure you get the best service possible, to maximise your ROI and to ensure you see the tangible benefits of SEO services.

At ROAR we stay clear from jargon, smoke, mirrors, crystal meth, ketamine, and anything else that may confuse matters. We base our strategies on data, match SEO management services to budgets, and are happy to be as hands-on or hands-off as you need. Our clients are able to continue with their own day-to-day tasks, safe in the knowledge that their SEO is being taken care of.


The main benefits of SEO services are as follows:

Peace of mind

You can’t put a price on peace of mind! CEOs have enough to do in leading their business, overseeing teams, and making plans to cement their future.

Trying to manage SEO is a full-time job that requires several experts to perform. Handing over SEO management to an external team allows you to focus on your own responsibilities.

Deep SEO understanding

Different areas of SEO require different levels of knowledge. Depending on your current organic search capabilities, you might require a technical guru, content master, and outreach specialist just to get started. SEO management gives you access to various levels of expertise, without you having to hire several talented professionals to work in-house. Discover more with our post on 5 Essential Concepts of SEO.


Flexible contracts

An in-house team comes with set contracts, and securing the best talent in the SEO game isn’t cheap. Handing over SEO management comes with the set, agreed timescales, which you can extend or cease whenever you need to. This is especially useful for start-ups and small businesses, who can often feel left out of the SEO party given their lack of budget. Choose the right partner to manage your SEO efforts and you’ll have no such concerns.

An online presence

If for some reason you were unaware,, we’re living in a digital age these days, and isn’t it simply marvelous! Every brand needs marketing in order to promote itself, grow its customer base and sell more products or services. The online digital marketing sector is only set to grow in future years, and those without an online presence will suffer.

Moreover, such a presence isn’t enough on its own. Quality SEO management should result in increasing quality organic traffic to your site. The right audience will be identified, and then targeted through content creation, meaning more of your site’s visitors will result in repeat visits and conversions (i.e. sales).


Brand credibility

Good SEO management increases brand credibility, how, you might ask?

Well, it’s very difficult for web pages to perform well organically through illegitimate means in 2022. So those sitting on page one of the search results have certainly earnt their top spot.

Sites found at or near the top of the tree will tend to be experts in their field when it comes to providing users with useful information. They’ll also have a consummate link profile, meaning a large number of high-quality sites have shared the content.

In a highly-competitive market, brand credibility goes a long way – earn the trust factor and you’ll likely earn loyal customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

Check out the blog if you’re still weighing up whether you should be doing SEO in-house or outsourcing as we discuss which one may be right for you.

Join our managed SEO program

We hope this blog helped you become a bit more comfortable with SEO management and its benefits.

SEO management comes in many forms, but rest assured, there’s a bespoke solution out there that’s just right for the needs of your business size, budget, and industry.

If you’re looking to maximise your site’s own organic search potential, get in touch and discover what our data-led SEO management services can do for you.


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