Ted Lasso Wisdom For SEO Success On and Off the Field

Ted Lasso Wisdom For SEO Success On and Off the Field

Yes, that’s right, the day everyone has been dreading is upon us; Ted Lasso has ended. Instead of mourning this great loss, however, let’s celebrate what we can learn from this inspirational series and how said learnings can be translated into SEO success.


SEO Success: Lessons Learned from Ted Lasso

I’m sure when you first read the headline for this post, you thought something like, ‘How on earth is Ted Lasso even remotely relevant to SEO?!’ or ‘Oh great, another one of THOSE posts’. And, while I admit I would usually be on the same wavelength, just like Ted, I’m asking you all to believe.

SEO isn’t like competitive football, and it would be foolish to try and compare them; instead, we’re going to focus on the main man himself and how I think SEOs can learn from Ted and be inspired by him.

Ted is a charismatic, inspirational, albeit flawed character who has enamoured fans across the world with his unwavering optimism and unconventional coaching tactics and techniques.

With all this in mind, I think Ted’s biggest strength is his ability to bring unlikely people together and get them to believe in the process, often through intricate training techniques or quirky location-based lessons.

Let’s get started; here are 5 lessons learned from Ted Lasso for SEO success!


Believe In The Process! 

The word ‘believe’ will be etched into the minds of all Ted Lasso fans, despite the attempts at sabotage the sign remained, and the power of belief became a unifying force for Richmond FC.

The show constantly emphasises the importance of believing in the process, even when faced with setbacks or turbulence. This is something that a lot of SEOs could learn from in two very important ways.

The first of which is to maintain a strong belief in the basics. Meaning while you continue to develop and be proactive about your SEO strategies and serve new algorithm updates and technology, make sure the foundation of basic SEO best practices is followed throughout.

A baseline should be in place at all times for stability, providing an ability to measure your experiments and tests

Secondly, believe in your ability to be proactive when it comes to speaking with clients, decision-makers, web developers, or just anyone you need to in order to help you do your job. Yes, that does mean picking up the phone or sending that fourth email reminder. Have some belief in the process and be proactive.


Embrace Collaboration

As previously touched on, I’ve found that one of the most compelling parts of the show is how the character of Ted Lasso approaches collaboration. Bringing clashing personalities together and helping them learn how to embrace collaboration.

If Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt can become best buddies, then you and your in-house web developer can absolutely embrace collaboration and even build some rapport.

This applies to more than just a web developer, of course, it could be any barrier or point of contact during your SEO projects. Whether it’s as small as reaching out to a client or your content writer before they publish that post or as significant as getting your voice heard during a website migration, embrace collaboration, and everyone will benefit greatly from it.


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Adapt To Change

Adaptability is a vital part of life, and in the show, Ted Lasso demonstrates that time and time again. Though I don’t think you’ll have to go to an American-themed restaurant in Holland to come up with your next successful SEO strategy in a barbeque sauce-induced haze.

You should however take each change, each new fad or trend as an opportunity and not a threat. Sure the clickbait ‘SEO is dead’ titles have been running for years, but we’re still here and arguably, needed more than ever. Check out our post about why you need an SEO agency in 2023 to find out more.

Staying up to date with the SEO industry and adjusting your strategies accordingly, all while embracing new technologies and techniques will be crucial for maintaining a competitive edge for you or your clients. Be like Ted and embrace change rather than resisting it.


Focus On The Long Game

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but SEO does take time. Success isn’t immediate and is often varied, promotion then relegation then almost winning the premier league. Richmond FC went through the ups and downs and in the end came out much stronger than they were at the start of season 1.

SEO is no exception to this, it takes time for search engines to crawl, index and serve your website’s content; even longer to decide how to rank your content. All SEO efforts will take time to establish and build a strong presence in SERPs.

Prioritise and work to a consistent standard towards your goals and you’ll be on the path to SEO success, focus on the long game, just like Ted.


Create Meaningful Connections

We’ve touched upon this a little bit earlier, one of the character’s greatest charms in my opinion is their ability to connect with people, everyone on a personal level. You get the most out of talented people when you learn their strengths and weaknesses and in the football jersey or computer screen in most of our cases

This also relates to how you should create meaningful connections with your audience, your users and searchers. Understanding their needs, preferences and pain points can all be resolved in some aspects with SEO. Utilise the tools at your disposal to understand user behaviours, search intent and engage with your audience by creating genuinely helpful content.

For real SEO success stories, connect with the teams you work with and the audience you are trying to reach. Just like Ted, immerse yourself in the local community and while they might think you’re a w*nker initially, connect with them, and together you’ll be unstoppable.

So, lace up your digital boots, and adopt some Ted Lasso wisdom for SEO success on and off the field!





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