Spooky Marketing Tips for a scarily successful halloween

Spooky Marketing Tips for a Scarily Successful October

Spooky season is here as Halloween lurks around the corner, so a revamp of your marketing strategy is essential for scarily good success


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Halloween has long been celebrated in the UK with various spooky activities taking place. There are parties Halloween costume contests, Halloween movie marathons or the little ones head out trick or treating.

Whilst Halloween is often the scariest time of the year, business owners and marketers need not shiver in fear as it can also be the most profitable. The Halloween season in the UK makes a total of 607 million estimated retail expenditure comes from Halloween products in the UK in 2021 alone.


5 spooky marketing ideas for your business

To take full advantage of the spooky season, research some Halloween marketing ideas to keep on top of the competition. Here’s some from ROAR to get your started:

  • Have a tweak of your branding

Halloween is nowhere near as big as Christmas, but this shouldn’t impact your decision to not incorporate spooky stickers and additions to your social profiles and posts. Don’t go overboard, your following and clients still need to be able to recognise you and your content for familiarity purposes.

Some small but effective changes you can make are switching up your social media content and changing your cover images, adding Halloween imagery to blogs and profile pictures.

Take a look at some examples below:

screenshot of social media profile decorated in a halloween theme, spooky marketing


  • Create and launch a haunting Halloween marketing campaign promoted on social media

When bigger holidays roll around it’s important to adjust your social media strategy accordingly and incorporate themes and campaigns that allow your company to show off its creativity.

You should always be ahead of the holiday marketing game and prepared for when an event rolls around whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day and even events such as Black Friday.

Again, don’t go overboard but drop in a few themed posts here and there to show your audience that you have some creativity and flair while keeping up with the themes of the year. Doing this can increase brand awareness and make your business stand out.

You can also encourage user generated content online. Run competitions for the scariest face pain or best costume, or best spoofy short film with a Halloween business hashtag.

Here are some examples of what ROAR is doing on social media to celebrate the spooky season:

screenshot of halloween themed social media post, spooky marketing


  • Launch a scarily good discount or new on theme products or services

The holiday season is a great opportunity to launch a discount or promotion for your audience, this is because consumers are automatically conditioned to expect discounts around these times of the year.

An example could be a Halloween sale on your products or services and sharing them with a related copy. For example, ‘spooky slash of prices online’ or ‘offers to make your skin crawl’ to keep it on the theme.

If you sell products create special edition ones, for example, a jeweller would consider creating more Halloween-themed jewellery such as pumpkin earrings or spider necklaces. These products could be completely limited edition and you don’t need to create hundreds of designs, maybe a few designs and a small number of products.

By looking at Google Trends it’s visible that searches for Halloween in the UK peak around September 24th the week before Halloween. A tip from ROAR is to star dripping in bits of Halloween-related content and bring out the big guns for the week before.

A blue and white line graph depicting Halloween Google Ad search trends, spooky marketing

This year, ROAR will be incorporating a ‘trick or treat’ type visual to tease our target audience with new content.

Take time to look at and evaluate trending terms so your marketing efforts aren’t wasted. You want your Halloween-themed content to have purpose and effect so ensure you strike at the right time.

  • Don’t forget the Ghoulish Google Ads

Halloween presents businesses with a variety of spooky marketing opportunities to spice up their content and online presence, including modifying and spookifying their Google Ads. Targeting keywords that have relation to Halloween and the holidays could be incredibly impactful on traffic and leads but at a cost you’re not quite used to as the CPC could rise.

Ultimately, this shouldn’t impact your decision to update your Google Ads copy but it may take some work. Perform keyword research to see what terrifying terms and combinations are out there for you to target. Incorporate your ads and offers in the copy and promote them. Create a sense of urgency in the ads that these deals are disappearing soon as soon as the spooky season ends.

For fang-tastic campaigns, take a look at our digital marketing services today.


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