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PPC Landing Page – 5 reasons why you should build one

Advertising is a great way to get your business to the market fast and generate profit. Developing a PPC landing page helps you communicate your offer to potential clients. The question remains: Where do you drive all that valuable traffic?



What is a PPC landing page?

PPC Landing Page


 Pay per click landing page is a sovereign site dedicated to your advertisement campaign. Design destination sites are motivated to convert visitors into valuable customers or generate leads.

The average landing page conversion rate is 9.7%, higher than ordinary business homepages. A landing page can reflect and represent a single product or offer. An advertising site is like a virtual presentation; it can significantly increase the chance of generating more revenue for your business.



Why do you need a PPC landing page?

 The business objective of your advertisement campaign can be numerous. Google ads recommend aligning your ad campaigns to specific business goals.

PPC Landing Page

Google ads workflow


Reason one: Generate sales.

Firstly, the most apparent business objective is sales when we advertise. In some scenarios, we humans can immediately decide to purchase a product.

However, as the price increases, we need more information before providing our bank details. This is why sales-led sites are so important. A sales page built around only one purpose – Sales.


Reason two: Generate leads.

Secondly, high converting lead generation microsite intends to ask for personal information from visitors to contact. The number of data we are asking for depends on which stage the customers are in the sales funnel. If the visitors are “marketing qualified leads” (ready for sales), we might ask for telephone numbers, business names etc.


Reason three: Grow the email list.

Thirdly, a simple subscription HTML document is relatively short and always consists of a sign-up form. The difference between a lead-generation form and this one is that we only ask for the visitor’s email address. The purpose of growing an email list is to send newsletters and other materials that might lead to future sales.


Reason four: Convince visitors to click through.

An intelligent marketing tactic is to offer as much information as possible to convince visitors to click through. Click-through web addresses aim to educate visitors about the advantages and why they should proceed.

Moreover, click-through PPC landing page designs provide value before the sales process. Value can be a free eBook, white paper or a free trial. This internet page consists of the features, prices and details about payment methods.


Reason five: Help your visitors find what they are looking for.

Lastly, landing pages help visitors see what they are looking for. It’s also important to start at the top of the sales funnel, so providing basic information before sales are crucial. It’s a good practice to place links to the top where further information is provided.



How do you create a PPC landing page?

PPC Landing Page

Create a PPC landing page with Unbounce

Developing a converting PPC landing page requires both technical and creative planning. Of course, ensuring the technical and creative aspects are aligned during the planning process is vital.

This task shouldn’t be an issue if you have an in-house development team. If you don’t fancy coding, using a landing web page builders like Unbounce or Click Funnels is the easiest way. Likewise, both website builders provide built-in themes to get ideas. The builder function can quickly tweak these themes.

Following the creative aspect, the text must focus on the topic to ensure nothing distracts the visitor. Therefore, the main target is to provide the only distinctive part is the call to action.

Most importantly, developing a PPC landing page differs from creating an ordinary website. The primary consideration needs to be your target persona and your business goals. Your destination mini-site should be optimised for increasing conversions and not for SEO.

If you need help to make your next PPC campaign impactful, get in touch with one of our PPC Specialists.



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