How does hubspot work for small businesses

How Does HubSpot Work for Small Businesses

HubSpot is a customer-focused platform that allows businesses to deliver quality customer service in one place. Through HubSpot, companies can access a marketing hub, schedule sales calls, manage content, and manage email campaigns and marketing operations. 

Over 184000 businesses use HubSpot to improve their customer’s journey; see the graphic below from the HubSpot website detailing a little bit about how this works.

HubSpot image of the process, How Does HubSpot Work for Small Businesses,
Credit: HubSpot detailing the process in their platform.


Key Features of HubSpot

Website Activity Tracking

This feature lets businesses track how an online lead interacts with their website. This includes the pages they visit, their time on site, and the visitor’s location. 

Use this to understand the behaviour of your leads before they say land on a service page or convert – this can help your sales team understand what users are searching for and target those traits. 


Task Management

This tool can help small businesses to manage their to-do lists within CRM. This includes anything from the basics to more advanced tasks, and the tool allows you to set the priority of tasks, status and deadline. 

Use it to keep track of sales calls; for example, if someone wanted to discuss a sale further but couldn’t commit to doing so right that second, tasks could be created to follow up later. 



This feature provides insights into companies your contacts in HubSpot are working for, provided you add a company with domain information. HubSpot will then compile all the information related to that company, including its annual revenue, size, description, social media channels, location and contact details. 

Use this feature when you need more information regarding a contact; this could be before a sales call, a pitch, or general industry research.


Email Integration and Tracking

One of our favourites at ROAR and potentially the most crucial, HubSpot integrates with other platforms such as GSuite, Office 365 and other email clients so you can send and track emails, including open and click rates. You can also receive full email reporting. 

Use email integration and tracking to keep your emails tracked in one place and ensure any crucial information is not lost deep in your inbox. 


Snippets and Templates

This feature is super handy for quickfire emailing. Setting up templates and snippets means you no longer must spend hours a day writing and composing emails surrounding subjects you often email about. Now you can create snippets that, through just a click of a button, insert your content wholly, adding a few extra touches like the contact and subject line.

At ROAR, we use this feature to email our clients about catch-up calls and focus area requests to create a more timely, streamlined process.


How HubSpot’s CRM System Can Streamline Small Businesses’ Sales Processes

HubSpot is backed by companies globally with customers located across 120+ countries. 

There are a few ways that HubSpot can support your business’s marketing operations and better streamline this process. 

First, HubSpot is an all-rounder, bringing email marketing, lead generation, social media and analytics together in one place. Through clever integration of various marketing automation features, it can eliminate the need for extra tools. Through HubSpot, you can streamline workflows and enhance collaboration within all roles in your team. 

Next, HubSpot boasts an impressive, intuitive interface perfect for users of all technical capabilities. Although the features and platform we have described thus far may seem pretty technical, it’s far from advanced. The abilities and opportunities HubSpot provides are pretty spectacular, but the platform has such a user-focused interface that it’s easy to learn and adapt to its features. 

One of the most crucial parts of the customer journey is the feeling that the company cares and is building a trustworthy, personal relationship with you. This brings us to the next way that HubSpot can make a difference to small businesses through nurturing and personalisation.

HubSpot allows businesses and marketers to curate lead nurturing strategies to automate email marketing campaigns, including personalised and targeted content to leads based on previous interest and their behaviour. These personalisation tools can enable the creation of personalised landing pages and emails designed to enhance engagement and conversion rates from leads. 

Fact: message personalization is the #1 tactic used by email marketers to increase engagement rates. 

As a customer-focused platform, it’s no surprise that HubSpot offers some of the most capable segmentation features. This means your business will harness the power to create segmented, targeted marketing campaigns through behaviour, demographics or other criteria you know resonate within your target audience. 


The Key Benefits of Using HubSpot for Small Businesses

  1. Streamline customer interactions and personalisation of marketing efforts.
  2. Time-saving and increases the efficiency of marketing teams.
  3. Nurture and scale sales whilst reducing the manual workload. 
  4. The use of analytics allows for informed decision-making.
  5. Enhance your online presence whilst improving your user’s experience online.
  6. Eliminate excessive platforms but combine marketing efforts into one place.


Leverage HubSpot’s Automation Tools

Automation is one of the most attractive tools available to marketers in HubSpot, as it allows for tasks within a workflow to automatically follow a thread of instructions. 

Fact: marketers use automation 76% more than sales

Marketers use automation 76% more than sales

Drip campaigns allow marketers to nurture their leads by moving them further down the marketing funnel. With no coding required, you can set up triggers, conditions and actions within your campaign workflows, sending emails and communications to the right leads at the right time. 

You can visualise and customise your workflows within HubSpot, making it easy to take care of the relationship between your business and the leads you bring in. Through workflows, it’s easy to add actions and segment your contacts using your CRM to personalise your email communications. 

With HubSpot workflows, it’s not just the first couple of emails you push out to your audience. It also means you can automate things like follow-ups, sending leads to sales and triggering internal notifications once a contact has taken action.


How Does HubSpot Work When it Comes to Tracking Performance?

For all marketers and business owners, measuring the results of your marketing efforts against your business goals is critical to developing and improving the business. As a marketing tool, HubSpot offers advanced analytics and reporting, allowing small businesses to evaluate their efforts. Tracking your analytics can help you understand your users, and how they interact with your business. 

HubSpot allows businesses to:

  • Track key performance metrics
  • Monitor the success
  • Gain insights into lead generation
  • See conversion rates


By reviewing the above, your business can identify the areas it can improve whilst also being confident in areas of your strategy that are working. You can then use this information to fuel your strategy as we advance to make more data-driven, informed decisions to drive better results. 


Utilise the HubSpot’s Customer Service Hub 

The HubSpot service hub is a key part of the HubSpot platform, which supports businesses in building strong relationships between themselves and their consumers to drive customer satisfaction. 

You can utilise this part of HubSpot through 3 different tiers, including a free option that is great for small businesses looking to manage a smaller budget.

  • Free trial – this tier is a more entry-level option that businesses should consider if they begin their customer support and service journey. Compared to the paid-for subscription levels, it offers a limited experience by allowing companies to provide real-time support, automate tasks, and provide support whilst allowing access to insights to enhance their overall strategy.
  • Starter pack – This pack includes additional features that help support lead generation and management. It also has additional access to ticketing systems, live chat, and email sequences. 
  • Pro subscription – this is the professional tier of HubSpot service that offers more advanced features, including personalising customer experiences, reporting and analytics, and workflow automation. 



Let our experienced team take control of your HubSpot to ensure you receive the best possible return for your investment. Contact our team today!  


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