Hiring an SEO Agency - The benefits

Why Use an SEO Agency – The Benefits

Are you looking to offload your SEO challenge to an experienced organisation? Why use an SEO Agency – the benefits will help you on the journey to making an informed decision regarding outsourcing SEO services.

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Hiring an SEO Agency

The first step in this process is understanding that your site needs SEO, if you need a little bit more about why SEO is for you check out our previous blog post where we cover the benefits of SEO services.

You then need to find the agency right for you; the services you need, your budget, and your size are all things you need to factor into choosing the agency that should fit your business like a glove.


Why Use an SEO Agency

SEO is a long-term project and can often be quite tedious work. Outsourcing this work means they can work in the background to support your website and raise you through the search engine results pages (SERPs).


Hiring an SEO agency - the benefits


Focus on what you do best

Why use an SEO agency? We still hear you unsure. Our first benefit of hiring an SEO Agency is that you can focus on what you do best in your industry.

Even hiring a dedicated SEO team would mean you’d have to take time out to oversee the whole recruitment and selection process and then monitor their integration into the business. And let’s face it you’re busy enough!


No expensive SEO tools

The top SEO tools can be confusing, especially when you don’t understand the data they show or how to use them for maximum effect. Often, teams end up spending a lot of their budget on tools which they don’t reach for due to not knowing how to use them or feeling overwhelmed by them.

An SEO agency will have the tools and the knowledge to use them. They narrow down all the data to just the important parts. So there’ll be no more staring at data and praying it’ll make sense, leave that part to your SEO expert.


Save your manpower

The very last thing you or your team want is to feel as though they are becoming stretched too thin. Search Engine Optimisation is quite an extensive task and not one you can take on one day.

Outsourcing your SEO work saves your team from trying to take on an extra task they may not be qualified or have the time to do. Your team can carry on doing what they do best while an agency works away.


Success stories

Everyone wants to know they’re getting value for money. When shopping around you don’t make a purchase before reading the reviews. So why would you attempt to choose a good SEO marketing agency without reading their case studies or testimonials?

It’s doubtful that a business will ask for or receive negative testimonials. So it may not be the best overall business judgement.

However, there is a significant difference between 7- 8 positive testimonials or no testimonials at all. If an agency has a client list as long as your arm but no testimonials, that is unlikely to be a good thing. Think, “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”.

If they have no proof to back up their ability to increase online search engine ranking, create high-quality content or overall improve your online performance and user experience for your customers, it’s a red flag.

Case Studies are the perfect combination of data and process. You will begin to understand the way the agency works while seeing real data from each case study.

Of course, no agency isn’t going to actively promote a campaign or project that didn’t work out. But, to have success stories is better than no successes at all.



A skilled team of SEO specialists will know and understand how to implement a variety of SEO tactics. They will have already spent time learning, developing and putting these SEO tactics into practice.

This means they will likely be ready to hit the ground running with methods they know can be practical. This cuts out the tedious learning process for what works for you and what doesn’t. Hiring an agency will help you get straight down to the nitty-gritty of SEO, solving any issues from the offset.

If you understand that you need SEO and are ready to start hiring an SEO agency for your team but your boss is still on the fence, here’s our guide on How to explain SEO to your boss. Good luck!



Here at ROAR, we offer a range of SEO services from SEO Management to our DIY SEO Platform there is something for your business.


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