large tablet on metal table, Your Broad Core Algorithm Update Survival Guide for 2022

Your Broad Core Algorithm Update Survival Guide

Google has recently announced the rolling out of their Broad Core Algorithm update for 2022. Is anyone else’s palms getting REAL sweaty?

You might think October is spooky season, but for SEOs, any month that Google roll out their next broad core algorithm update is our spooky season. This year’s update has been named the May 2022 core update, and it has the potential to make changes to your site performance in search engine results. 

Don’t worry, Private; we’re here to get you suited and booted before the assault begins! 


What is a Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Google makes regular changes to their search engine algorithms, often several times a year. These changes are grouped into something called ‘broad core updates’ or simply ‘core updates’. These updates contain substantial improvements to Google’s ranking processes, or in simple terms, they change how websites rank within search results. Potentially affecting some ranking factors and your current search rankings. 

Google updates a lot of their services and products, a lot, like a lot. For instance, their 2021 core updates or page experience updates are two pivotal examples in just the last few months, and that’s just their search algorithm. Who would’ve thought something as every day as search queries would cause so much bother! 

Google introduce broad core updates to increase the relevance of search results and search quality. As we all know, the user always comes first for Google, which is why they have these regular updates. The more helpful and useful Google is with user search results, the longer it will continue to dominate search across the internet. 

When a core update is announced, it typically takes between 1-2 weeks to roll out fully, across the vastness of the web. Following the announcement, we often get a very familiar message about expecting changes to site performance in search engine results pages following the announcement. 

You can learn more about these updates from the Google Search Central blog, it’s definitely worth bookmarking their blog and checking in once and a while. 


Do you need to panic?

No, you don’t need to panic. An update has probably rolled out in the past, and you have been none the wiser. This does not mean you can ignore it completely; you should remain vigilant in analysing keyword rankings and website performance. So, if your performance drops, you know a potential reason as to why.

Google have the following to say about their core updates:

“While nothing in a core update is specific to any particular site, these updates may produce some noticeable changes to how sites perform”. Source: May 2022 core update releasing for Google Search

It’s been six months since the last broad core update in November 2021, and in the time between, your rankings may have been a bit all over the place. You can expect this with this year’s broad core algorithm update, especially if you have not been working on your site content since the last update. On the other hand, you might get off lightly if you have ramped up and revised your content strategy since last November. 


Your Survival Guide


salute, Your Broad Core Algorithm Update Survival Guide for 2022


As previously mentioned, Google generally advises the same thing each time they roll out a  core search algorithm update. So, for your ease, we’ve summed up their advice into a neat little survival guide.

So get ready for your brief, Private! 

Rule #1:  Expect Changes

Officially, Google has told us to expect widely noticeable changes. That means spikes in rankings and also drops in keyword rankings. So, prepare for changes, and it might be worth creating some alerts in Google Analytics if you haven’t already! 


Rule #2:  Be Broad

They’re called broad core updates for a reason! Expect the update to be ruthless, it has no target, and it fires at will! Google’s main goal is to improve its search algorithm as a whole, so it will be making changes to anything and everything. 


Rule #3:  Don’t Take it Personally

If your pages begin to drop, don’t worry, Google doesn’t hate you. Like with Rule #2, it’s a broad update; they’re casting a wide net to make sure they catch everything. Since the last core update, your website pages are simply being reassessed against your competitors and other web content. 


Rule #4:  Don’t Wait for Rescue

A Google core update can roll out several times a year, so inaction hoping that Google does the right thing for your website is fruitless. Take action when these updates are rolled out and don’t watch your rankings drop and wait for Google to rescue you.


Rule #5:  Content is King

Google loves content, and if you write good quality, original content, then Google will love you. Google recommends creating the best possible content as the ideal way to deal with core updates. 


Rule #6:  Remain Vigilant

If you get hit, hit ’em’ back. If you get killed, walk it off. Core updates like this one in May, roll out several times per year, so it’s best to remain vigilant. Your website might not fully recover between two updates, that’s just the way the SEO cookie crumbles. 

In closing, as the core update rolls out, create good quality content, be proactive, expect change and don’t give up. Capiche, Private?


Military jargon aside, an SEO specialist could be your salvation in these trying times! Find out more about our managed SEO services, or get in touch with us to book some time in with one our of specialists! 

Thanks for reading this post! Have a brilliant day.


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