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6 AI Content Creation Tools for Your Business

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a technology which can mirror human capabilities, but what are the top 5 AI content creation tools for social media?


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A brief catch-up on Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machine technology to display human-like skills. These abilities can include reasoning, learning, planning and being creative.

There are four types of artificial intelligence based on the type and complexity of different tasks a system can complete.


  • Reactive machines: this form of AI can interpret and react to the world as it performs some limited tasks.
  • Limited memory: can store past data and predictions to inform the projections of what may come next.
  • Theory of mind: can make decisions based on its perceptions of how others feel and use it to make decisions. ?
  • Self-aware: can operate with a level of human consciousness and ultimately understand its existence.


AI can improve content creation by allowing software to create your content for you. AI can curate and write blog posts, social media copy, landing pages, emails, etc but the question remained “Does AI Content rank in Google search“. Recently there has been more of a shift towards audio and video content.

Companies choose to use AI for content creation to increase productivity and efficiency.  Businesses can use them to avoid mistakes and human error if used correctly. This allows for faster business decisions based on AI outputs.


AI robot, 6 AI content creation tools for your business


Top 6 AI content creation tools

Lumen 5 is an AI video content creation tool. It allows you to input your blog posts and create a video with the content. It will pick out your blog pieces and place the information into a video presentation you can use on social media.

Lumen5 is not a free tool; however, the results speak for themselves. It cuts down the lengthy editing process on video editing software entirely down.

Of course, you might want to tweak the wording Lumen5 chooses to use. Alongside editing the style/colours here and there too fit your brand, there’s no denying the efficiency and time-saving advantages.

InVideo: InVideo’s AI tool ingeniously transforms prompts into captivating videos. Seamlessly blending technology and creativity, InVideo empowers users to craft dynamic visuals, text animations, and engaging soundtracks. With a user-friendly interface, it generates professional-grade videos effortlessly. InVideo’s AI tool is a game-changer for content creators, simplifying the video production process while delivering remarkable results.


Grammarly – Grammarly is an AI writing assistance tool which can significantly improve your spelling and grammar when writing content. It will present you with different ways to write content that is correctly written. They assist with clarity, how to effectively write for engagement and have a professional and enhanced delivery.

At ROAR, we believe it gives our blog articles a personal touch. It helps us create easy-to-read content that will persuade readers to stay on our site.


DIY SEO Software Content Wizard – The ROAR Digital Marketing DIY SEO Software has a content wizard feature. This part of the software is supported by AI and offers content suggestions for blog topics and other content by using keywords.

For example, if you type in ‘cake baking’ artificial intelligence will write blog titles or content topics for you to give you inspiration on the content you can create.


DIY SEO Software, AI content creation tools


Quillbot – Quillbot is a piece of AI technology used to rephrase content for you. The idea is to present ideas in a more correct way in terms of grammar etc. It also offers formal features to alter the tone of your content. Additionally is the expansion option to provide more depth and synonyms to offer suggestions for better wording.

quillbot screenshot, AI content creation tools


Podcastle – You may be thinking ROAR doesn’t have a podcast. Well, watch this space because we will eventually and we will certainly be looking more into Podcastle.

Podcastle is a tool that assists in all aspects of podcast creation, including recording, editing, uploading and promoting the podcast. An all-in-one piece of AI technology which can turn text into a podcast that sounds professional in minutes.

podcastle screenshot, AI content creation tools


Jasper – Jasper is an all-in-one AI content creation tool. It boasts a suite of templates which can assist you in creating multiple things. From email subject lines, real estate listings, product descriptions, headlines and long-form blog content.

jasper screenshot, AI content creation tools


There are 5 easy to use AI content creation tools that can dramatically change the way your business creates content.

At ROAR, we offer digital marketing consultancy. We provide a fresh pair of eyes on your business which can be all you need to further develop your strategy.

Contact us today and set up a call with one of our team to discuss further developments for your online business.



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